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Who now in the movie version Walter Matthau played Horace Vander Gelder but in the eighth grade that been attended in Ben where was that a great did Ben fully worded Bango bend it has no idea how to bring his my Cup on the year well can you help him I can but I I'm trying to decide whether it I'm trying to do Ben's best interests or not no no way they show now in the year one where was it bent want to create the bay area walnut creek I thought so I told someone the other dead family more so you were in you play Horace Vander Gelder in Dolly hello Dolly if you're a great play that's right right so you had a couple of someone it's years and years ago right now I mean you're you're not man now I'm a working way way out he's what twenty nine twenty ten twenty seven AM seven okay so look how old are you in a grid thirteen so it's B. I mean you've done a lap around the track since then so your voice is even bigger and fuller so I would just like a few bars from Horace Vander Gelder we don't have to do this you know we don't we actually that the audience is on the edge of their **** see what they're on yeah sure what you and just you know well it's a proper you talked we were talking about the bay area six six six bars bad just give us a little of horse band together so the audience will understand the difference between the house of representatives in what happened yesterday I tried them return you lord I easy that stuff was yesterday you've got to help the show sometimes you take a bullet for the show and all we need are eight bars just just give us a little horse van to go I know it's backed away and then bring some more it's not gonna happen you just a little brat Ben Ben this no not anymore you're almost there no no that that's about it that was good we can pull up the crickets again if you'd like no no no that was great just your look it's well done I can tell Dolly you're still going you're still rolling you're still going to that's all I need you already got what you're going to get I just need a little bit more about I can't work with that because the crickets were up you got it and we're good now now we need a little bit more there was only two bars come on man it'll be over before you know it I believe it already you are haven't this audience of millions of people need you to illustrate how the normal house of representatives compares with the house of representatives we heard yesterday you are what we heard yesterday this will make the public more confused than they already know this is the eighth grade feelers fans got their ears on their their.

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