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This is Keith at eight thousand feet in Colorado and being fair complected. I started taking better care of my skin about thirty years ago. I was already about thirty at that time. And I used department store brands for a few years. But then increasingly dermatologists said you didn't need to use those. So I'm kinda budget-conscious. So I use drugstore and mass marketer brands now, and they seem to work quite well, I also since I'm in Colorado can get away with wearing a cowboy hat and most of the time. And that helps keep the sun off my skin. I I'm in the outdoors a lot, and I think that's. Very helpful to do preventing skin cancers. And so on key. Thanks very much for sharing your story with this. Sorry, we missed you. We were just in Colorado. But thank you for sharing your story with us. And it turns out there are a lot of people like Keith with skin in this game, especially if they work in the cosmetics industry last year sales of skin care products doubled and nearly half the beauty industries recent growth came from products, like cleansers and creams and serums and sheet masks, but it can be hard to know what works. What's legit? And whether all the effort is worth it. What does it mean that so many of us pay top dollar to put our best face forward? And what should you be using to take care of your skin? Joining us here in studio is Dr Cheryl Burgess. She's the founder and president of the center for dermatology and dermatological surgery here in Washington Dr Burgess, welcome to one A. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. Joining us from NPR in New York is Amanda mull. Staff writer for the Atlantic whose been covering the skin care industry. Amanda, welcome. Thank you for having me at also at NPR, New York are Charlotte and Dave show, the co founders of soco glam an online vendor for Korean skin-care products, Charlotte. Dave glad to have you both with us. Thank you for having us happened to be here. Dr Burgess let me start with you before we start getting into skin care. Can you just give us a basic road bap of our skin? How it's composed. What it's made of can use paint us a picture of of exactly what we're talking about here. Yes. I can and to simplify it. Everyone has skin it's the largest organ of our body. So.

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