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Or hands? Are you tired of depending on medications just to make it through the day or to be able to sleep in dying? Have you tried alternative treatments but haven't seen the results You want. Danville Neuropathy Center is now accepting patients for peripheral neuropathy and chronic joint pain. And the best part is that Medicare and most insurance covers the treatment. The reason these services are now covered by insurance is because they really were weaken, visibly demonstrate on slides the repair and regrowth of nerves by driving nutrients and antioxidants into the nerves and then exercising them to bring about healing and restore normal function. This is done with the newest and most exciting neuropathy trading technology available today call today to schedule a free consultation and discover if you Mollify for treatment at 9 to 5403 45 18 or visit our website, a Danville neuropathy center dot com That's 9 to 5403 45 18 or Danville neuropathy center dot com. Let your days and nights of chronic pain and suffering Finally come to an end. We are all 1%. Kobe, comply facility you After the United Pat Thurston. Um okay, let's uh let's go to the phones that start with Liz, who's calling from Sunnyvale. Hi, Liz. Welcome to kgo. Hi. Yes,.

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