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The end of it was try that more edible and I was kind of blown away there used to be I think it was better so one of the plastic bone too weak people I live on it is not about they made was that it was designed for you to put in I remember that yeah yeah yeah yeah and I was then I don't think they're like that was something I should try a quilt because I've tried everything else and they said we'll try the act you know what I never knew that yeah I've heard of it I've never been bold enough to do what I've been kind of worried about blowing up my microwave but I might do it here at the done training Michael they had a microwave rods ready for the cherry pick up yeah I'll try that yeah you you try it tells and then another one that I've given my dogs that's worked really really well with hero and once here gets involved in it then bones will also get involved in that is one of the metal balls products called the bin of bomb B. E. N. E. bone now I had heard good reviews of this so the first time I got some they come in free Flav flavor is cheesy free favors please cheese chicken and bacon so of course the bacon when that came out I open that box I almost started licking the damn the bacon smell is so good you know when you're cooking bacon and it gets crispy just before it burns yeah.

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