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You're gonna be your soon to be experiencing the conrad is and i've heard i'm looking forward to it. I well you need to bilo problem. Reserve a nice guy too on top of some beers. Oh i know. You're vodka guy bruce but The seaman can give you a run brownie bad walker out if place. You can burn up for three thousand calories elevator the elevator. I quit walking. Oh my gosh bruce. We're excited have you on the show and a lot of longtime fans may remember this and it seems like me has chosen to kind of scratches much of this as they can but the undertaker is back on. Tv these days in the very first time he was on tv. He had a different manager than paul barrett. Right all. yeah it was beautiful brother love before all was you remember. Yes yes and i because the whole thing man. I wanted to bring him in. Because i wanted to. I'd seen i saw him when he first started in regular room. Remember this name. He remind didn't so much of don. Jr. dean oh yeah of course work for a big man. Yeah and I follow them through. Wcw and paul ryan called me and said hey guys available you interested and went to bed since. Hey they can look at this guy. Can i wash then. He looks contol basketball player. And then We haven't set the come in and meet with vents and before he had a match with lex luger on wcw pay per view marquette a dislocated hip but worked match anyway. Because he knew that he was going to be meeting with the next day. Well he's working with lex.

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