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Unprecedented move the federal cod fishery in the Gulf of Alaska his closing for the twenty twenty season that's because the fish numbers are the lowest on record due to a warming ocean from Alaska's energy desk vita George has the story six year old Frank miles has fished for caught around Kodiak since he was a teenager started out at the age of fifteen is open skiff back when sock god was a staple I think I've missed one cod season in forty four years miles eventually graduated from an open skiff to a fifty eight foot boat called the Sumner strait sitting in the galley on a rare sunny afternoon miles is taking a break from getting his boat ready to fish the next season you know if you look back just ten years ago I mean goodness we used to fish eight months out of the year I'm just caught me personally some of that card comes out of water is regulated by the state of Alaska but the bulk of Gulf cod is caught in federally managed fishing grounds the federal fishery used to be a major driver of winter economies in the Gulf churning out well over a hundred million dollars each year in khat products like fillets for fish and chips everything changed with the emergence of a massive marine heat wave across the Pacific commonly known as the blob from twenty fourteen to twenty sixteen surface ocean temperatures rose at four to five degrees Fahrenheit and cod numbers crashed in Kodiak miles is one of the last fishermen still trying to make it on cod and he doesn't think the future looks promising I'm more worried about my son in his generation the younger guys coming up I simply don't know where we're going here when the blob subsided in twenty seventeen there was some hope for a cod come back but this year brought signs of a new marine heat wave and once again caught seem to be on the decline here's no a research biologist Steve Barbeau I would say wished so pretty big hang over from the first heat wave says it cut could still bounce back with the right conditions this year but that second heat wave it doesn't bode well for recovery this fall Barbeau reported Gulf caught at the lowest numbers on record with next to no new AG's what we're looking at twenty nineteen is it just got really warm that means that the X. didn't survive it gets above a certain temperature politics don't do well I am fully in recognition at this is it significant burden on cod dependent as cels processors communities that rely on this fish that's Nicole Campbell a member.

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