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And then he wants guys to to work their tails off and create room for each other and be physical. I mean that's all the Stanley Cup was one share. We we took a better the smaller wine and guys like Sundquist Barbara Chev stander and you know all these guys who just heavy on talks and even our guys right have the Thursday ankle. So that's the kind of style you know had success last year and give us a chance to win the Stanley Cup is. It's the play but he also likes guys making plays and you gotTa have a head for the game so it's gotta be sense and a physical style game old school and that's what you on Craig wants. Does anybody on this current roster remind you of you. Is there anybody that plays you're Kinda game I know you're a big physical guy but also scored a lot of goals and willing to play both ways. I'm trying to think of somebody. Is there anybody that Miers your game. You know what I don't know maybe I I don't know I mean it's hard for me to say you know Kinda Shannon. I probably had somewhere game even though I was bigger. You know he plays the power game but also can make plays so and that's another good thing about Russia it's good mix and that's about the mental. Our defense too. By the way our defense I would hate to play against our defense back in the day and you know guys. They're big our smallest guys five or ten or five foot eleven or maybe even six feet. I don't know what it is but I don't know about that player. Park shattering in the most. So that must be corrected. That was what I had in mind. A guy who will hit a little bit score a little bit. So you're you know if you think the way I think that means we're on the on the right page. Okay my man that scares me now. Twenty twenty when are we going to change my answer. I waited eleven minutes for twenty twenty reference. I can't wait to the calendar flips because next year is going to be all about me. Twenty twenty. It's going to be huge okay. I love it Questions from the audience when we come back it's hanging with big wall. The great to have urban chestnut on board you know about their great fear and the Great Beer Garden hanging out in the Grove. They've expanded there's just been the explosion of Craft Beers but voight goes way beyond that with urban chestnut. Become part of the Saint Louis scene. I love that urban. Underdog if you haven't had it it's great American lager. Beer snobs out there. I get it. My wife is a perfect example. Not a huge beer fan. I rolled out a little urban underdog. She absolutely loves it. So whatever your palate is. They've got a taste for you. You know about the Panger Award Award presented by the good folks at urban chestnut every single huge hockey fans and really you can find their product. Now all around town whether you snuck grocery store if you're at sporting event event blues game. How about at the zoo? That's right. I had the Grizzly Ridge Koelsch the other day they have expanded. It's not just the great product. Great people behind it. It's it's more more than just this fear that you're enjoying the part of the movement in Saint Louis getting things done and changing the whole area there the Grove and if you talk about the connection with the MLS I think we had the big celebration with the mls blue that was at urban chestnut in the grove location. You can find them all around town. I started with the wingnut still love that moved into this wickel currently early just hooked on urban underdog. Check them out neighborhood. Grocery store liquor store guaranteed all around town. It's urban chestnut part of the Saint Louis Sports community since nineteen sixty serving the families of saint. Louis Marie Davila's senior fellow at the corner of Clayton and Wiedeman road. The beautiful found. Greet you for the twenty two acre campus full range of senior independent living at the villa state skilled nursing memory care they have it all spacious dining room salon transportation tation around to exercise in pool. Private rooms hands on care. You're not a resident of Marita Villa. You are considered against Fred and Mary. Kay We Hanan in their sons live on site it is family run. It has that you've heard Tony. I talked about how this was home for the legendary red shades. For many years he was also on the board and helped the original owners start. Marie developed back in Nineteen Sixty Marie. Davila DOT COM. We suggest you go online and schedule a tour. Here's the owner of the world famous fast. Eddie's Bon Air Schoeller and hall of Fame Hockey Legend Bread home. Just tell some friends about fast. Daddy's spawn era. And I just didn't have the worst describe it Brett on that same problems for you. The words you know a lot of fun. It's huge. It's an adventure. Yeah that's what I was trying to say. This is more than a bar. I mean the coldest beer the best live entertainment. Everyone knows about the great food but fast. Daddy's is far more than that. I'll tell you what it's it's kind of like a heaven but I bet you that part of describe to. I sure hope I get to have that. Daddy's experiences tough to describe. Only all I know is it is fun man I tell you. We've been thirty five years and it explains itself. I don't know if it's as good as heaven on earth. Why would write it down in your notes and your Fulham because once you get home hominid experiences can be hard to remember? I've been all over the world and there's only one fast Eddie's air so if you're twenty one head over to clerk bridge too fast Eddie's Bond Air in all triad bank the neighborhood friendly bank located in Franek on Clayton road. They're just west of lindbergh real easy access highway sixty four. Get the Lindberg and you Are there founded in two thousand five wide range of commercial and personal banking services. And how about this actually people behind the counter people there ready to greet you ready to help you. Business owners loops fan talk to the bank based in Saint Louis. Those decisions are being made here. A frustrating is that trying to get a loan for your business. I and the decision is made in New York Los Angeles not with dry. You could find out more at try. It banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star rated feedback three hundred sixty million acids check about tried banking dot com less than an hour from St Louis. It's Greenville University founded in eighteen. Ninety candy to this Liberal Arts Institution offers premed offers online student involvement. Yeah that's right. They'll get involved in local businesses immersed in the community the great little town of Greeneville Illinois less than an hour from saint. Louis if you look into get away for college but they don't want to go too far. It's right up the road from Saint Louis. Great professors really a great experience. Kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really immersed in what they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot. Edu Oh you for more information about this great institution..

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