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I was a little Confident about it wasn't it wasn't jessica rabbit feet level but i was like pretty confident about my surfing skills. There's some hubris yoyo. Yeah there sure was. I couldn't get up on the board and they were watching me. It was extra embarrassing. Because i they took time out of their schedule because they took me to the spot throwing ralphie like surfing so i went out there for like i catch a few waves half hour and they were watching me on the beach and i couldn't get up on the board. It was so embarrassing You know adam brody you guys have shared similar space in the industry because oh yeah for sure. Roughly the same age. You came up the same time. The more you were talking within the the more. I realized how many similarities you do have yes. I never put together that you. I need you to this. But the vince vaughn thing his his admiration of vince. Vaughn how much she looks up to him. Sort of modeled his acting career like you would say yes Sure your both you both No layton miester that's yet similarity yes you both P in your underwear after you finished going to the bath i got to say i've gotten better at that. I don't really do that as much. And i think it's because trying to figure out what are attributed to but it's not for whatever reasons my dime sleeping more. Maybe more beers at allstate is strengthening somehow happened. I don't know i feel prostate confidence. Ever since i got that. Check from my doctor whose name. I won't mention but yeah i got the old finger check and i talked about on the show and not ashamed of it but it it is a really. You feel better about like okay. Well maybe so maybe a lot of it was psychosomatic the dribble 'cause i don't get any moore's rebel. Yeah do you ever get that. If you haven't noticed any difference in your being..

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