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Waiting into the comments under Leonardo Banou. She's as grand post which was pussy. Oh, you are part of the problem, which is which is just like it's this kind of ongoing thing that assumes that racism doesn't exist outside of provocation. Right. And we'll saw to just a off. I'm sorry. But I I saw a Twitter thread with volume clips from the game to show that Ken was being abused throughout throughout the game. He scored in the eighty fifth minute, and then you know, did the celebration and then more abuse came. But the monkey sounds in the whistling. And I mean, I guess. Not even knew in Cagliari like Calgary, president Thomas. Oh, Gallini blamed, obviously blamed Kim for inside the fancy said he heard mostly booze. If they started making animal noises, and they were in the wrong. What again, you know, like the whole, you know, like if it happened, you know, saying, but what happened at the end is because of a celebration which was wrong in it would have happened with any other player. He's Burr if Bernadette she had done it executive in the same treatment. Exactly. And it's just kind of like, that's you know. Not even what the question is about. And also blazed Tweety earlier this season had a similar incident against last lassie's. Yep. Excuse me. And also, I mean, the thing is that like we're going to do this thing where we have the performance of of this is a problem. We should put a stop to it. And you know, like, this is bad and whatever. But then it'll blow over just like the calico Bali thing did earlier the season in a matter of like a week. You know, did you see that Bonnici tried to clean it up a little on his I g stories he he had a in English. He wrote regardless of anything in any case notaries ISM and the ad like a white Armitt literally thing and a black means listen. Hey, listen, if you if you if any of you out there are do you remember the Nike? The Nike wristbands has said, you know, like stand up or whatever they had they killed pains where it was just a bunch of like Rinaldini. Oh, and. Gary on Rian Seoul. And like they were all wearing black t shirts and light wash jeans holding up signs and shit..

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