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Chargers to you got the Steelers. Broncos, pats and bills. So we're going to really see how good this team is when they go up against the shields to the defeated last year when I go up against the 40 Niners when they go up against the Cardinals often put the Cardinals in the same category of the other teams, but just an intriguing game. Fiat. Pat's Tennessee and cheese. That's what we'll really find out if Josh Allen is just good. Or Josh Alan's going to be great. So far, the first two games he's been playing great. I just want to see if it continues up against the more elite competition. Cause you should do that, and you should take advantage of the teams that are bad when you go up against the Jets and the Dolphins, given credit, survived the first tough opponent up against the ranch where they got that victory, 35 2 32 next three. No team. How about those choose cheese? Three. You know, they had their one game where they were vulnerable up against the charges. My home still came back Lynn I should've went for it should have gone for it in and in overtime when it was fourth, and I think it was like a yard or something on his own 34 14 short You got to go forth there. You get the ball back to the homes of them. Bucker had to kick out the end where he made it. On Monday night Football. It cost you to spread missing a field goal. This in an extra point. The number was that 54. A half in the game ended at 54th. You've had the over. You could blame Bucker for the other night. Kansas City, though they get New England this week in Kansas City. The way the Pats are going to be in this game is if they go on 38 minute drives at least eight minute drives. They walk away with touchdowns because the Pats best defense this week, even though I like the Pat secondary, instead find Gilbert's gonna have to step up and have a big game. The reigning defensive player of the year Just a fun Gilmore. Is he on? Tyree killed? They used him accordion, entire kill. The Pats liked to take away. Tyree killed had success over the years. I just don't see how this pats defense will be consistently able to slow down Kansas City. I think the front seven gets exposed this week. And the Pats offense, which is good, not great. I don't think we'll put up enough points. I think the chief's win, probably by 10 points, not Mohr on Sunday. Kansas City is the best team now in the FC. You moved to the Steelers Steelers will play Tennessee. You think again got postponed on Sunday? You would think that the game was going to be Rescheduled for Monday or Tuesday. We'll get the official word, according to Jason Locke, and four tomorrow still is a damn good and the steel is a damn good on defense with all the names that they have. Offensively only think they played their best version of of of offense so far this year. I don't and I expect that to get better. I've said this throughout the season so far, first three weeks now going a week for I think the Steelers are the third best team in the A F. C and we talked about this yesterday. Don't be surprised. If the steel is end up winning this division. I'm not telling you something that happened, But we went to the Ravens and Steelers schedule yesterday, you could easily find 13 wins or both those teams now there will be some unexpected games that You don't think that they will lose in the end up losing, but the Steelers Ravens race and the same sea North is going to be spectacular, and we talked about the sales. They played Tennessee on what will probably be Monday or Tuesday. Last time there was a Tuesday NFL game. You know what? It was kind of green. Why was Eagles Giants wasn't an Eagles Vikings Viking? The Joe Webb game right? Joe Webb got a victory on Tuesday night Football. What's the Tuesday Night? Football music is my question. Well gets a CBS game. So end up being the CBS music they don't get any bump bump but abound Bomb but about about about a bomb squeezed in there on a Tuesday night. Maybe it could be Monday, though. I don't know if maybe you maybe you do a doubleheader, so you don't go directly up against Monday night football and an ESPN whenever that Tennessee Steelers games going to be played I just don't love Tennessee. I get it. They got tonight's T championship game. I get it. They're three. No. The Broncos game. I thought they should have lost. I was a terrible job at a Vic Fangio and Pat Shurmur in Game number one. You look at game number two. It was a close victory up against the Jaguars and then in Game number three from this past Sunday, Laskowski won the game. Laskowski was the zero week one then was the hero. Week three. It accounted for 19.6 Field goes an extra point from this past Sunday, so I looked at the three No teams in the NFC, Tennessee don't love I'll probably be a play off team. I just don't buy them with the success that they had last year. I like Grable, but I just still have trust issues with with Ryan Tannehill. And you wonder what Derek is going to be at the end of the season, even though he's a tremendous back Steel is I really like Chiefs I love and the bills. I think they're going to be the SEC champions. I think they'll be like 10 and six in that division. I just once again want to see what Alan does up against the tougher opponents when you get to the Seattle's of the world when you get to the Kansas City of the worlds, and so on, and so on. Now in the NFC three No teen Seattle How can't you love the Seattle Seahawks Right now? Russell Wilson is the MVP of the league. He may not be the best pilot because to me that still Patrick Mahomes, but he is the MVP of the league so far, should had six touchdown passes on Sunday. If it wasn't for Dickie Metcalfe dropping that ball right at the one yard line Seattle this week they have a one o'clock game in Miami. The only way this is close to Seattle gets off to a slow start traveling West Coast. Down south and get into the eastern time zone. Seattle Even if they basically sleep through and don't get their Seattle coffee until shipped over to Miami until halftime are I guess you're not going out these days. You never know with going out in Miami, but I think it's safe to say we're with the protocols that Seattle is not going to be going out because you don't want to leave your hotel room. But even if you have some fun in the hotel room, and you don't end up playing ball in the first half, you should still slaughter the Miami Dolphins with Russell Wilson at quarterback. Seattle to Mei is the best three. No team in the NFC. Absolutely love Seattle this year. I just want to continue to see their defense improved, moving forward, and I compared Seattle to Kansas City before the year started. Where Yes, Kansas City has a better offense, but we know what Mom's. We know what Wilson could do in terms of production. That defense for Kansas City last year really didn't get clicking until that game room homes got hurt up against the Broncos. That's what needs to happen with Seattle. You gotta just in the middle of the year or even late in the year. Find a way to make the timely stops Packers. I've really liked the Packers at three and because of the way Rogers is playing The way he's embraced the situation with Jordan Love Well, Lazard and will envy..

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