W. W. D., Donny Deutsch, Cablevision discussed on Mark Levin


That she wrangled teen girls for abstain I took in sexual abuse choose a lane at Maxwell if that is her name in recent years has been spotted a top tier award season parties in New York and Los Angeles where she hopped knob with a pre scandal Weinstein Elian musk and Jeff Bezos she even attended the twenty fourteen Vanity Fair Oscar bash posing with the magazine's editor Graydon Carter abstains little black book which became part of the public record after his first arrest contains a who's who of the entertainment world twenty fifteen Gawker published the flight logs from abstains chat which showed the Kevin Spacey Chris Tucker and such powerful players as Bill Clinton and inventor Ron Burkle took one flight to Africa now I don't know if they did anything I'm just reading this a source close to Brickell says he was invited by Clinton assume the ride was vetted and flew home on a commercial jet after finding get steam to be creepy one top Hollywood veteranos subsidy was very interested in show business I would reach out for information about the industry let me stop here notice the closeness of media and Hollywood and the Democrats yes I have a nadie got involved with these guys and ABS teens with these guys and Harvey Weinstein mean and ask and as it says this is their world one top Hollywood veterano tempting was very interested in show business as I said I have seen also made efforts to control the message in two thousand four he bought radar magazine from with mort Zuckerman gaining a foothold in the realm of publications and it goes on in twenty oh three W. W. D. reported that he tried to buy New York magazine Weinstein Zuckerman billionaire investor Nelson Peltz then Cablevision chief Jim Dolan and Donny Deutsch Donnie Deutsche was it done a douche.

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