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To three every day on this station. So it's talking with Bernie last week, and I mention the fact that a week ago today we could go today. In the spirit of Christmas. As we continue to play these beautiful Christmas songs. I went to the 12 O'clock Mass. Saint Patrick's Cathedral, where very sweet. It was very nice. Very nice Way had the discussion about the dog in the Nativity scene and the monsignor at ST Patrick's Cathedral, Monsignor Richie, he's gonna come in next Tuesday. Yes, I'm looking forward to that. That's gonna be great. He's gonna bless him and pray for all of us, especially Jed. And so he'll be here on Tuesday. So all I said was, I went to church. I'm Jewish. It's clear. I'm Jewish and a proud you, but I've been to midnight Mass. I want to charge last week. I think it's nice to see how other people do their thing. But you say it's clear that you're Jewish. But You're going to play a role on TV as an Italian. That's true. That is true of an Italian. In fact, it's funny. You mention that our friend William de Mayo went to Miami yesterday to scout out all the locations where we're gonna be shooting next month. Me and dice for that show. Gravesend and Italians are Catholics. That's true. So I was actually preparing for my movie role by going to ST Patrick's Your whole life. You're prepared for this movie wrong. You're right. I've always wanted to be Italian, but make a long story short, So Curtis, he always takes it to the next level. Curtis So I go to church and all of a sudden I want to be Catholic. He is Curtis and Juliet From a couple days ago, I heard shocking news This morning, Sid Rosenberg went toe a full mass at ST Patrick's Cathedral. He is considering converting and that would mean a reverse bris. I don't know how you do that was so inspired by the Mass that he's Yeah, and not only that. Not only was he telling about that about catching too well, no, I'll be complaining. Felling is like a crazy God. He's bringing the archbishop on the air and let's face it Burn on McGurk, legitimate Catholic Irish cat. He's saying you really wanted to this. You want to convert. From being a Jew to CAF, because you know Catholics always trying to convert. Think if we can convert it you that's like pearl diving. We go straight through the pearly gates. We go right to heaven, so they do this little bit. First of all, it's the monsignor, not the archbishop, who are the real Catholic here, but they do this little bit on the air, and I swear to you, Bernie, I swear to you between Twitter at Sid Rosenberg Facebook, said Rosenberg. Instagram at Sid Rosenberg. I must have 100 people sending messages going. Oh, my God. You really converting? I've got rabbis that it's saying What are you doing? It was well, you're right there with dove hiking that every big Jewish Riley, What are you doing was Let me just say this. You're dipping your toe. You want dipping your tongue a little bit first. It was the televangelist that guy and on Sunday morning I love him. Hope God! Hello, Steve. That was him, and now you're praying and ST Patrick's Cathedral. And inviting. You know the clergy into the studio? I would be suspect, too, if I was, Oh, my God. When you put it like that, Rabbi, you know you're right when you line up all these other things that I dont you hold it the whole Italian thing, right? And then I did yell and scream with the Jews for spreading the mumps and the measles and having 7000 people at a wedding and funeral, right? Maybe maybe Curtis is out. There's something I don't know. We'll find out. But I'm a serious note. I'm a proud you. Don't you worry. I love my religion. I love my people. But I am interested to see how the going on live from Dr. Very nice. Well, listen, you can spread yourself around. You know, you can take your chances with one or both. You take chances, right? You've been to show you've been to bomb it was you've gone to temple have right. Okay, so, but that was for a specific reason for the ceremony and somebody's getting bored. Mr Gore or somebody's getting married on funeral something you would never go to a temple on the high Holy day just to see what we're doing, You know, not for laughs or anything like that. No, that's what you did the other day. No, not for laughs. That was that was very solid just went. I mean, that that is a little little odd, but the God bless. Well, welcome to the fold. It's gonna get worse today, Curtis I'm going back again today. Yes, I am. I've decided everyone's them going to the noon Mass at ST Patrick's Cathedral. It's very spiritually no matter what to nominate whatever religion you are beautiful. They sang song, and the structure itself was gorgeous. It really is. That's where I graduated from high school. We had my summer room. My ceremony was there at the same passion is so cool. Yeah. Because I got my degree. They handed me my degree. So you obviously you didn't hold it against your church and the priest? What happened to you? When you were an altar boy? You moved on from his Hello. We'll take a short break with backward into this You condone depends on us and Abel. There's 77. W ABC. Alexis skill at home. Download this 77 w A b c mobile app on your phone. Don't miss a minute Talk radio 77 w A. B. C W A B C traffic.

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