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Archbishop of Wilmington begins excommunication procedures against Biden. Story to poop wall in Michigan story 300 Biting the lecture about fake news, Chuck one place 141 Victor. I'll go along with Chuck. I trust him, and I know three's a true story because I heard that local yesterday. All right, So he's agreeing with truck because he trusted you Trust him in everything. Victor? Yes, because he gives good traffic reports. Well, that's not everything. You could have said You trust him and traffic and on the fake news, But you said everything. I just wanted to make sure how far would you go in your trust of Mr Whitaker? That's what I thought. All right, Chris Mundy. I agree. I wish number one were true, but I don't think anybody said the guts did do that. Yet. So no. One unanimous unanimously. Story number one Archbishop of Wilmington. Is going to excommunicate Joe Biden. Yeah, that is our fake news story of the day. So, Victor, congratulations. Your trust factor paid off for you. Yeah. Thank you so much, right? We're going home by home first. Oh, you know, e no. First when I actually know you upset that Victor didn't trust me. I'm fair advantages. I mean, you aren't part of the gal pal team. I would think that you would be happy for your pal from within the price closet. A squeegee and a bucket for victims were given $51 bills. There you go about five blocks. Chuck City. Couple 7 50 10 Before the hour you're listening to K C and company. Hello,.

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