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With you the United States Europe Japan China and India are spending trillions of dollars trying to keep the global economy from sinking into depression that figure according to CNN here in the U. S. Congress has approved two point two trillion with more coming winning five hundred the congressman Katie Porter sits on the house oversight committee she spoke with KGO eight times morning show talking about watching exactly where that money goes is really the five hundred billion that went to the treasury department and is being leveraged by the federal reserve it could ultimately account to an estimated forty six trillion dollars to attend incredibly large amount of money and I thought first you know that someone involved in blowing the whistle on the misconduct of thanks during the foreclosure crisis how important it is to put appropriate conditions in terms on the money before it goes out the door oversight should be an active real calling activity I want you to know Kim's I'm sitting here listening nifty would order the magnificent interview this morning with Katie Porter actually wonderful but everybody should know that the number that was used by congressman Porter was a little bit short we have since this crisis began less than two months ago seven trillion did you hear that seven trillion dollars has been appropriated and she's right there has to be oversight we have to make sure but make no mistake this is not free money this is money we're appropriating to prevent disaster economically and health wise seven trillion dollars never seen anything like it thank you John you're welcome in other news California's four hundred eighty two cities say they will collectively lose six point seven billion dollars over the next two years because of the corona virus the league of California cities says most cities will have to lay off workers and cut basic services this video of young bell located in the wine country gets seventy four percent of its money from sales and hotel taxes and the mayor there John Dunbar says the city expects to lose sixty percent of its revenue in the upcoming budget grass valley councilwoman Jan Arbuckle said their study will likely have to cut public safety spending if the coronavirus restrictions continue much longer a federal judge's blocking a California law requiring background checks to buy ammunition U. S. district judge Roger Benitez acting today after the California rifle and pistol association asked him to stop the checks and related restrictions on ammo sales voters approved toughening California's already strict firearms laws in twenty sixteen and the restrictions took effect last July judge ruled the restrictions violate the right to bear arms we will take a look at your traffic around the bay area next on cage you let's say you just bought a house bad.

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