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John Fogerty seventy five years old today this is about baseball as a man yes center field I love the song so going back to what you and rob Kendall were talking about earlier with Major League Baseball only getting in a half this season doesn't seem like they're coming to terms at all right now doesn't want to seem like a gimmick to you to any of these franchises are going to come back and try to get some games and like any cell going straight to the playoffs the NBA moving down to Florida and me in playing a few games before starting their own political play offs all these game it's just sounds like a gimmick to me like they're all gonna have asterisks by their championships you know it's not a gimmick does that TV revenue money and that's what the owners and players are basically banking on right now to salvage what should be a lost season but baseball players right now I'm like the NHL or you know the European soccer leagues and all these other leagues that are planning to open up your baseball fighting about money right they're not fighting about health they don't care about corona virus these guys are fighting about money and that's going to be a big big black guy if they don't figure something out and come back this year speaking of baseball Kirk Gibson is sixty three years old what a what a what a what do you know the name Kirk Gibson I certainly do hit one of the greatest Major League Baseball home runs of all time game one of the nineteen eighty eight World Series the underdog Dodgers taken on the favored Oakland A.'s Dennis Eckersley on the hill and Kirk Gibson stepped to the plate and this is the famous fist pump.

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