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On the threes chris culkeen your brought to us by mercedes benz and the the mass pike spreading to see those delays now japanese yew coming by be forward nine right to route thirty but you're still clear all the way through allston brighten four now occupy out our eyes out for that and see if that changes shortly other than that from the west route two looks to be pretty decent shape normal delays getting from school street to the rotary add that again by sudbury wrote in between crosby's and tracy's it's all jammed up as well the rest of the ride hangs up at lake st getting to li so expect those delays as well southbound route 120 let's ask restonic offering church road a report local would bill gates starting back and rand opera on the twenty four emerge you get really slow from one thirty eight in canton up the old toward 109 indebted and then at a state heavy heading up into the needham wild up toward kendrick straight growth in the mall for insurance rotor port 95 still a spot of traffic getting by 295 it's also heavier every one but heaviest from two parts of street to want 28 the traffic a 24 heaviest from harrison boulevard on up your jamba route 3 just north of two 28 israel hang up that stays busy up toward a unions treated that on the expressway from puerta spurred parkway runup to columbia road downtown you're jammed on the deck from before spot pond although ian the tobin bridge backs down the chelsea curve but the tunnels to from the airport are still good next update is at seven thirteen stubble bs traffic on three wind look at the fourday wbz accuweather forecast now it's meteorologist elliot abrams he's cloudy today remaining cool there's a slight chance for a showers are temperature 67 clearing tonight.

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