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She was as a female that affected he's played a country boy's not playing some city slicker his his beauty is his breathtaking to women. I had that reaction until moon lewis mhm thelma and louise. I'm loving this movie so great gene davis always move certain the smooth so awesome and then she picks up brad pitt and he walks into the hotel room and i'm like oh yeah he's louis and he's he's kept its looks over the years. He's his again. His looks blinds. You talented. He is and i think i think sometimes he he. He tries to make himself look ugly. You know just because he gets tired of p so perfect. He's gonna age like robert. Redford now redford you know i mean robert redford's india's middle middle seventy so he's no he's older than that. He's holding on but that's the way brad. Pitt's gonna go because if you ever watched the movie spy game and you see redford next to brad pick nick you can see where breast true. I think you're right. I think eighties really yeah. Yeah and people say oh. He's got so many wrinkles bellies. Look look where he lived. Sundance the people's movie critic coming up once upon a time in hollywood starring brad pitt a bit every year. Children lose their lives to stroking cars. A vehicle only takes a moment to heat up to dangerous interest levels so set a reminder always look before you paid for by nitsa. Here's tom and jerry all right. This is going to be the perfect thing to get your friday mood going this. This is a video that a family shared of their three year old little girl. She's in her parents bedroom and she's singing her heart out into a fake microphone. The the families dogs as soon as she starts singing the families dogs join in and wanna sing with her. She's three. She's three. She's so cute. I'll post the the clip up on our facebook spoke here. You go <music> ooh <music> <music> <music> this moment in birth adorable though actually i love that the wondered does the little girl kind of know. The dog is doing it. Is she getting pleasure out of the two yeah she she does. It becomes not just to do up but trio and my favorite part of the video you'll see when you watch what the what the bigger dog singing with a tennis ball in its mouth no yeah oh that's so cool i like that. I hope they do that every day again the neighbors they muscle that my favorite thing that i've seen so far this week sherry showed me a picture. This boss did not like the look of the chairs in his offices is break room. He's the boss so he had them all removed and the only thing that's left in the break room our two tables so if you were to sit down and dan you have to stand up and bend over to eat what what kind of a jerk does that there was on. There's a really funny website called board panda and they they had a whole thread about <hes> ridiculous things that people like signs and rules that people post it from their job yeah one of the other ones that i saw there was a sign that said there will be no charging your phone that stealing electricity and your paycheck will be docked. Are you kidding me yeah yeah. You're not allowed to do all that. Electrical charge would be do you. Do you know how <hes> god. That's <hes> pity how easy i find that to believe because we've over the course of our time with various different managers coming in here. There was a program they brought in one time. I can't remember what it was called. It had initials yeah remember that where they came into the whole organization and they were going to find ways to cut costs and and they had avery men three solar were combing the the building and they would walk right into the radio studio and they would write down down every item that was in the studio or in offices as an example revolving chair they would right <hes> cabinet favorite on meeting that i ever went to with a consultant was on the t._v. Side and we'll filed into the room and we sat down and the consultant had <hes> whiteboard so there at the whiteboard and the guy draws a circle and he puts a twelve three six and nine and he points points to the circle and he taps taps the whiteboard who can tell.

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