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This news the service of soda weight loss at the White House Press secretary Kayla Mcenany points the finger at Democrats amid stalled talks for the next Karos relief package. But we're not willing to dio eyes rubber stamp of behemoth $3.4 trillion deal that the Democrats put forward that was fundamentally on serious that would have made Ballot harvesting mainstream. It was a Democrat wish list. That's what will not move forward with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calls President Trump's recent executive measures that include a payroll tax holiday and a supplemental federal unemployment benefit of $400 a week. A big show that won't do anything. Texas is calling for help and trying to figure out why the state's positivity testing rate continues to rise. It was just over 4% in late May. Now it's topping near 25% and Austin Police are officially losing money. Following the City Council's unanimous adoption of the 2020 21 budget. Over the fiscal year, the police Department set to lose about 150 million budget dollars, but it starts immediately with a loss of 21 million. Those sons will be redistributed across other departments in city efforts. LBJ RADAR Weather Watch 100 too Low 77 Get Austin News on demand at news radio k LBJ dot com. Taking a look at our roadways slow traffic conditions on 35 at the normal spots we've been seeing lately through downtown through Round rock and then south of William Cannon. Also, we've got a collision in bass drop. It is on e. 71 eastbound near state Highway 95 at least one lane is blocked in it is causing a slight backup in the area. And Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic..

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