Fox News, Dave Anthony, President Trump discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Assumption. The Hanford job is to blame the fed sued saying that's discrimination because it only applies to Hanford workers employed by the department of energy and its contractors, Chris Taft, the Washington self insurers association says the feds have a case it is only fair when those workers and those employers are held to generally the same rules of the game in Seattle. Dan Springer Fox News. From the studio. Your local fiduciary, Trajan wealth dot com, this is KFI AM seven ninety and iheartradio station. It's supposed to be paid a for some federal workers. But it's not I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News. There were protests in Texas, Kentucky, Utah and Colorado. I thought about filing for unemployment. I'm going to have to if they don't see reason by the end of this week eight hundred thousand federal workers woke at paychecks in the next few days. This is day. Twenty one of the partial government shutdown tying a record set in nineteen Ninety-six. We should be able to make a deal with congress, but Democrats still refuse to give President Trump funding for a wall. So he's considering declaring a national emergency come allowed to do it the laws one hundred percent on my side. Some Democrats disagreed would challenge him in court. The president made his case again for the wall at the border. Fox's Jared Halpern live in mcallen, Texas before toward the Rio Grande with border patrol agents. President Trump was briefed by homeland security officials and local officials like McGowan mayor Jim darling who with reporters after that visit offered some nuance about new border wall construction here barricades.

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