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Mean he is such a front runner cam newton's of front runner in foot within a game like if cam gets off to a bad start he pout lebrun is such a front runner i mean with all the bronze yankee fan anna cowboy fan and i don't know where his basketball legions allegiances lie i'm willing to bed he's a laker fans because that's the worst combination of sports fans out there they have no allegiance right i doughty grew obey cavs fane no well i don't know for sure probably fan if you're if you're you think he's up yeah he may be that's actually run of any probably would have lets you triggered me right there you're triggered a thought or a memory i think he is a bulls fanned coming up watching mike so he's worth thirty two now imia that's a matter to 33 and 22 here for that who was supposed to be a fan of craigie low mark price brad daugherty backer exactly bro yeah yeah you're so down with the land be down with the land instead of waving your yankee ball cap at a indians playoff game i mean bunk as l by the way uh the indians their 22 game when streak it's halted tonight they will not he had 23 jason vargas is going to shut them down tonight now david i love trevor bauer we we respect the drone game but i not tonight jason vargas one of the best software passing lefties in the game a baseball saw i'm reid myth am and also i'm petty like that oh my god 707 text to the day how 'bout this the bronze liverpool fan to their kind of i guess is a fair to say okay all you english soccer fans i have a dear buddy dillon lally who is a liverpool fan but he is from liverpool what in english soccer european soccer is liverpool kinda like the yeah these are they kind of the the bandwagon team i always thought it was man you i was thought it was man you as well with wayne rooney and all that may but any rate i gather laurent unless 707 is just taking with me he's a liverpool fan.

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