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Leaving. Facility we require approval from both the planning board, which is called an amended master plan and from the city council, the city planning commission is hearing the master plan at Tuesday's meeting residents are also taking the chance to speak up. We hope that the city will stop and think about. The negative ramifications for those who live in the neighborhood in nearby. Pauline DeRosa is a founder of the garden city alliance. She says the top off the syllabi would bring major noise and traffic issues. This venue is just not appropriate. We're not against development, but this is not appropriate for our area code says this area is the only place top golf is considering in Rhode Island. Now, remember, the planning commission could vote on this. But ultimately, it does need to be approved by the full city council before it can move forward. Lawmakers and members of the public pack. The usually sleepy house rules committee last night in a last ditch effort to convince speaker nNcholas Mattiello and his allies to open up the legislative process. Mattiello's leadership team called the hearing on their proposed rules for the twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty session three weeks earlier than usual as they face pressure from a newly formed reform caucus of nineteen dissident Democrats who say power in the chambers to centralized stifling debate and harming the state two thousand eleven study showed island was one of the few states where the speaker never loses a vote John Mary executive director of common cause Rhode Island and a veteran of previous house rule hearings. Marveled at the turnout is more than two dozen individuals got up to testify over the course of about three hours. House speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Arizona congresswoman Gabby giffords are rolling out new gun safety legislation. Pelosi said the bipartisan background check acts of two thousand nineteen. Will be at the forefront of the new democratic house agenda. The Bill announced yesterday requires universal background checks for gun sales and transfers of firearms. Democrat Gifford was critically injured in a deadly mass shooting in twenty eleven and retired from congress in twenty twelve Brassica lawmaker wants to get rid of an old law that still allows slavery in certain cases, Nebraska, state, constitution, included a ban on slavery. When it was ratified in eighteen seventy five, but it allowed slavery as punishment for crime, the Omaha world herald reports Omaha democratic Senator Justin Wayne announced plans this weekday introduce a proposed amendment to the state constitution to remove the provision. Apple is scaling back. First-quarter production plans for new iphones reports out this morning say apple is cutting plan production for its three new iphone models by about ten percent in the first three months of this year. The cuts reflect weakening demand for iphone. Owns in China, which is the world's biggest smartphone market. The news comes a week after apple slashed its quarterly sales forecast. China's economy continues to slow during the trade war with the US Ellen Fall River, Laura legal retail sale of recreational marijuana in the city appears to be just days away northeast alternatives. Nine ninety nine William canning boulevard is scheduled for its final inspection today by the state, cannabis control commission. The location is within two hundred feet of the Rhode Island border. We have our sales ready inspection on Wednesday said company founder, Chris Harkins. If we don't have any issues, they will issue a certification the company must then wait seventy two hours before opening for business. Harkin said if the certification is issued they'll be busy hearkens added the company has been planning with the police in nearby businesses to handle the traffic, they expect when the facility opens northeast alternatives was the first company in the city to sell cannabis. Products to clients with a valid medical marijuana card. Now, the company is poised to be the first to complete the regulatory process to sell marijuana for recreational use New York City residents without health insurance will soon be covered mayor Bill de Blasio unveiling plans to give Affordable Care to some six hundred thousand people. Fox's Brian lettuce has details. New York City's mayor is on a mission to make sure no one is without healthcare healthcare is a human rights in.

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