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And I am now in second place tied for second place with the one and the only rob Riggle head of rob Riggle committee. You've been doing this weekend and we go and I rob must be listening frapp wriggle personally, I Mario, I don't plan on losing to a guy who played Frank west in the dead rising movie that was on crackle I think. And people only know him because of the teaser scene in the hangover. I'm saying this right now. If it's mere wriggle it's gonna be me not that handsome, talented bastard. I will stand over his defeated body, celebrating my victory. My friend, you have an ally in me. Okay. And I'm going to need that ally because I need once again, your wisdom, your spectacular picks. Let's let's pull this bet online. This bet online lines up for this week, and we're going to get some NFL picks go in here just as soon as this website loads. All right. Let's see. Oh, I haven't looked this this week is the. Sports net challenge the odds are not up right now. The odds are very inconsistent for when they're when they seem to be better, but that's okay. I'm not mad next week. I will be the favorite. Let's start Thursday night. Can't wait for this game. The Minnesota Vikings traveled to Los Angeles take on the Rams the Rams minus seven and a half. I'm going Rams. Brian Allen convince me my man be. He convinced me that the Rams already they're not looking past the Vikings, they understand what they're up against going Rams. Well, how could you not listen to that? Charismatic Bester. The Miami Dolphins traveled to New England to take on the patriots patriots minus seven. The patriots would not lose to the lines and then lose to the dolphins. This is my last time going blind faith in the patriots though. What happened with that lines game? I can't. I am. It was bittersweet for me to to not make my prediction and it was necessary. It was a big home win. So I'll take and we had a hundred yard rusher. Thank you Bill. Thank you. All right. The Houston. Texans traveled Indianapolis to take on the colts the the game of the damaged quarterback. The coach minus one and a half. Flip a coin on this on this game, switched jerseys in both teams are pretty much the same team. I'll go Texans on a on a bounce back. The Cincinnati Bengals traveled to Atlanta to take on the falcons, falcons minus five school falcons. They look really, really good against the saints. Got a chance to to to watch that game. A couple of times I like the the over the top vertical attacked at the feminists, continue to implement Calvin really is doing a great job at giving Julio some room gotta get Julio in the end zone, though this week it'll happen. What is still getting cowardly late in the first round? Ah, you're Detroit Lions traveled to the big d cherries stadium, as you put it on the Cowboys, the Cowboys minus three points. It's the lions turn to get some of the coda Prescott's amazing stat lines, and I'm going lines. All right. The New York football jets traveled to Jacksonville to take on Blake. Portal's in the resurgent Jacksonville, Jaguars. This is so weird. This is so weird that the Jaguar seemed to be a no brainer. All the seems weird..

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