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The point on making is that general acceptance of gay people and the idea of gay marriage has been dramatically increasing in my lifetime just just dramatically increasing in that that's really not just it's not just a liberal phenomenon it's something that's happened across the country and when a you know when gay marriage was a the supreme court ruled a gay marriages a legal across all fifty states and the right there were still a handful of states that didn't have gay marriage legal all of the majority already hat and they were all red states and the supreme court just came in in a nondemocratic fashion which i have no problem with no fan of democracy in an undemocratic fashion they said listen sorry you're not moving fast enough and gay marriage is legal in all of your states and there was absolutely okay let me wocka i was gonna say there's absolutely no backlash but let's just say there was men a mole backlash lake really really minimal backlash okay now after a you know in two thousand four this out quickly opinions have changed on this issue in two thousand four the george w bush campaign inserted of being against gay marriage as a wedge issue to win votes in the campaign that they were actually if you remember they they were floating out the idea of a constitutional amendment that would protect marriage being just simply between a man and a woman and this this was a way for them to jenna votes they felt like since whatever it was it was over fifty percent at the time of people who who were against gay marriage and this is why people like hillary clinton and barack obama were explicitly running against gay marriage.

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