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Season. I've never seen clay too enthusiastic about anything so if michael says we're getting pretty excited. Did you think that's an ambitious time line. I don't think it's necessarily ambitious brian but there's there's obviously going to be the context of the warriors now and players <music> hurrying back from injury so there may be some hesitation in that regard. I'm sure the warriors are gonna want to take an extremely slowly. Some of this may depend on where they sit right. You know if there it are bobby marx predicted. They're going to miss the playoffs <hes> if they're battling for a real. It's a really good point -sition then then then maybe klay thompson ah look we know klay thompson the reason he played in the finals for crying out loud. He's one of the most competitive players in the n._b._a. And he wanted to play and if he's sitting there on the sidelines in the warriors are in the midst of a three game losing streak. He may say look. I'm ready to go on cleared medically get me back out these <hes> futures from caesar's might that'd be a bad bet at plus nine hundred higher than your rocket out that surprise me given <hes> with rockets have on that ross ran. Obviously the the fact that klay thompson is going to miss most if not all of the season nine to twelve months. I think is pretty typical for a to return from a tornado. I think the best this case scenario for the warriors is klay. Thompson can get back at some point late in the season and then be something close to his normal self once the playoffs roll around and then if he is you know they've at least got a shooters chance yeah and don't don't forget they got the russell and one of the reasons why they got russell was too so that they he could have an all-star slide into that spot. Get those minutes and play those those play that role and frankly you know if russell plays to the same level. He played in brooklyn last season. We'll see how it fits along with steph. It's not unreasonable to think that they are playoff team. Even if play doesn't come back <hes> and i think we all know it's an an injury that we're very familiar with sports fans with you and we've all covered players who've come back from a._c._l.'s typically when they can get get back on the court the following year they don't return to full perform until a year sort of the second season so i'm not saying the klay won't step on the court but i think we need to manage expectations. We've seen some players sit on an entire season. Listen from it. We've seen some guys come back seven eight nine months so but it would be something brian if the warriors are like. Let's say the seven six seven seed and klay thompson is back and ready ready to go for an opening round playoff series. That would be something. It's also a motivational factor for the team. You know it's like let's let's keep in this. Is we got to be in position. When clay comes back back with the team can sort of hang onto ignored during the season so michael thompson when he's talked about klay in the past. He's frankly been pretty active talked about contract trek situation and he seems to know things like some some fathers. You know it's not always true. <hes> let's aired. Fox was apparently happy in sacramento. He told one thirty seven p._m. Dot com that's.

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