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Can you see Marilyn governor Larry Hogan attended the ceremony marking the Montgomery county police department's century long history and mentioned how its officers were among the first to respond to the U.S. capitol on January 6th. We are grateful for the bravery of those officers on that day and on every day. Montgomery county police chief Marcus Jones focused on the future. For our next 100 years, we will not be successful if we do not mend the relationships between many in our community and our officers. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. One day after the director of D.C. health announced that she's leaving the department, nesbitt sat down with our daily podcast hosts to talk about why she's leaving and the challenges she faced while leading the city through the pandemic, WTO's Meghan cloherty reports. Doctor Laquan nesbitt says she's leaving D.C. health to seek out an opportunity to address public health from a different perspective. So you're not going to Montgomery county to be their health director is what you're saying. I will confirm that that is not on the agenda for now. On the DMV download, nesbitt's spoke candidly about the challenges of navigating the pandemic, which meant she didn't get much sleep. So my day would start maybe two to three hours before those daily briefings and some know that I'm a morning person, but that took being a morning person to a slightly different slightly different level. Here are full conversation on WTO's daily news podcast, the DMV download. Meghan cloher, WTO P news. How is President Biden's administration reacting now that WNBA star Britney griner has pleaded guilty to drug charges in Russia we'll get into that with NBC News White House correspondent Carol Lee after traffic and weather. It's 9 O 7

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