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This programming is <Speech_Female> brought to you by houston. <Speech_Female> Trans star <Speech_Female> helping keep motorists <Speech_Female> informed roadways <Speech_Female> clear and <Speech_Female> live safe <Speech_Female> offering an app designed <Speech_Female> to alert drivers <Speech_Female> to real time. Traffic <Speech_Female> flooded <Speech_Female> roads construction <Speech_Female> and more <Speech_Female> available at houston <Speech_Female> trans <SpeakerChange> star <Speech_Male> dot org <Speech_Male> live from news. Eighty <Speech_Male> eight seven in houston. <Speech_Male> I'm matt hera. <Speech_Male> new state. data <Speech_Male> shows more. Kids are <Speech_Male> being treated for cove <Speech_Male> in nineteen locally <Speech_Male> and statewide <Speech_Male> compared to any point <Speech_Male> during the pandemic <Speech_Male> louisa. <Speech_Male> Stransky is in <Speech_Male> effect an infectious disease <Speech_Male> expert at memorial <Speech_Male> hermann and <Speech_Male> says there's a big difference <Speech_Male> between pediatric <Speech_Male> covert patients <Speech_Male> this year <Speech_Male> compared to last <Speech_Male> year though <SpeakerChange> outside of <Speech_Male> just how many <Speech_Male> there are <Speech_Male> no longer <Speech_Male> the she <Speech_Male> you know as we were <Speech_Male> initially academic <Speech_Male> Kids with <Speech_Male> underlying rigidities <Speech_Male> or <Speech_Male> developmentally <Speech_Male> shoes. We <Speech_Male> are not seeing healthy. <Speech_Male> Kids healthy <Speech_Male> teenagers <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Which of your coed. We're <Speech_Male> seeing babies <Speech_Male> and <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> that is very <Speech_Male> disturbing. An average <Speech_Male> of two hundred seventy <Speech_Male> three pediatric <Speech_Male> patients were <Speech_Male> in texas hospitals <Speech_Male> per day <Speech_Male> in Last <Speech_Male> week according <Speech_Male> to stay data <Speech_Male> with coverted eighty <Speech_Male> six of whom were <Speech_Male> in the houston area. <Speech_Male> Houston <Speech_Male> apartment market is seeing <Speech_Male> a major turnaround <Speech_Male> after a pandemic <Speech_Male> slump <Speech_Male> as flora and martin <Speech_Male> reports part of <Speech_Male> it is due to the current <Speech_Male> challenges of buying <Speech_Male> a home more than ten <Speech_Male> percent of houston's <Speech_Male> available apartments <Speech_Male> supply was <Speech_Male> vacant last year <Speech_Male> but vacancy rates <Speech_Male> are now down to <Speech_Male> pre pandemic levels <Speech_Male> and in fact lower <Speech_Male> than twenty nineteen <Speech_Male> texas <Speech_Male> a and m. universities <Speech_Male> real estate research <Speech_Male> center estimates <Speech_Male> too low vacancy <Speech_Male> rate will continue <Speech_Male> across the state <Speech_Male> through at least twenty <Speech_Male> twenty three <Speech_Male> luis torres as <Speech_Male> a research economist <Speech_Male> who co-authored the outlook <Speech_Male> he says one <Speech_Male> factor is <Speech_Male> historically low inventory <Speech_Male> of single <Speech_Male> family homes <Speech_Male> which leads many renters <Speech_Male> to postpone <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> home ownership <Speech_Music_Male> also of <Speech_Music_Male> supply by <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> phases. Strong demand <Speech_Music_Male> has caused <Speech_Music_Male> is is to increase <Speech_Music_Male> is such a high <Speech_Male> rate. Unfortunately <Speech_Male> somehow skills <Speech_Music_Male> have been <Speech_Music_Male> out <SpeakerChange> of <Speech_Male> market your personal <Speech_Male> torres <Speech_Male> says other factors <Speech_Male> for strong apartment <Speech_Male> market include the <Speech_Male> pandemic stimulus <Speech_Male> payments and an increase <Speech_Male> in covent nineteen <Speech_Male> maxim nations <Speech_Male> which is enabling many <Speech_Male> to go back to work. <Speech_Male> I'm flooring <Speech_Male> martin in houston <Speech_Male> and more than six hundred <Speech_Male> contract <Speech_Male> workers at exxonmobil's <Speech_Male> refinery <Speech_Male> and beaumont are still <Speech_Male> locked out from <Speech_Male> their jobs. According to <Speech_Male> a new report from <Speech_Male> reuters the company <Speech_Male> has already turned down <Speech_Male> three proposals <Speech_Male> from the union. <Speech_Male> The lockout husband <Speech_Male> underway for <Speech_Male> more than four months. <Speech_Male> I met <SpeakerChange> arab news. <Speech_Female> Eighty eight seven <Speech_Female> support for. Npr <Speech_Female> comes from <Speech_Female> npr stations. <Speech_Female> Other contributors include uma a cloud based phone service.

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