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Energy and saving you money the answer is probably very little now this is where you want to take advantage of this you want to go out there and realize that there's an opportunity to do everything you've ever wanted to do now with the five percenters also understands they have realistic expectations now I think if you're like most and I was in this boat I think you were to ride at some point in your life you're gonna start to believe your entire net worth is tied to someone else telling you what your worth and that's work yep right we work every day and we get a paycheck and I ask people if you're this on happy why don't you leave your job or ask for a raise a rat race right and the thing that I get back more than anything else Ryan I am what finish my sentence I'm tired of free I'm afraid right they're afraid of getting fired they're afraid of what they you don't even love they could lose that's not a place to be so show about you know talk to you know we talked a lot of students you know what what should they be feeling right now not to spare but they should be really happy right yeah I mean really one of the things that I always look for her look forward to is you really every day I look for it every day look for it every week you know I I love having a positive outlook and and a lot of that comes from everything you were just saying but a lot of that also has to come from the absence of fear right we know that and that's really kind of where I would go back to what you're saying you'll love is really is that absence of fear and how and and being able to have the confidence to go and try things and having that support group around you is so critical because it is that the what you just kind of touched on right there is something you hear over and over why don't we do something because we're afraid why it war where does that fear come from a lot of times that comes from that lack of education that lack of understanding and even more specifically that lack of skill set and you know I love we now last segment when you touched on how we we trade live you know that's key here like we're trading live these are live markets were in there buying and selling that's how you make money in the market is go in there live don't talk about it you know sit there and and and philosophizing about it you know that's one of the things that I was kind of tease people about him like we were going to talk about this are we gonna do something you know I love doing triathlons and I'll I'll make those safe same comments when I go out to a group rider out to a group run you'll spend five minutes just to chit chat about I say we go to chit chat about this we're gonna hit the road yes your question that's a great point how many people when you told him you want to do a triathlon told you was too hard you're crazy for doing it everybody everybody except my brother who I did it with see that's the point it's like people out there constantly are gonna tell you in project what they feel you have to go beyond that this is why people who have never looked at a stock chart and tell me it's hard have no business talking about it because it means if you haven't seen a star chart you know stand how price really works in the market then you were putting yourself it is of I was just to begin yeah my you know I love doing travel as I've got another another half distance coming up in about a month and I did the full one back in may but so that's my little fun thing I do with my brother is well he's he's looking to be a Kona qualifier it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of discipline takes a lot of work now that's the same thing with my sister though my sister can just read sheet music she can sit down at a piano and she can just play and there was one day or I have some stock charts up inch and I was at her house back when she lived in Saint Louis and she said all men look at that I I could can't tell heads or tails of that that's so complicated and I looked at her and said have you looked at the sheets of music that you play and her response was priceless I've shared with thousands of people her response was that different I learned how to do that well since travel on piano trading in the market doesn't matter what it is we all had to learn how to do it yeah and so this will coming up on the last segment here I mean if this is an opportunity now for you to change your whole mentality make it today say you go try something that's new and different but you're going to give it a shot sounds like the.

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