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Live from Dallas, Texas and I heart media as well as K M E T in Southern California on ABC News talk. That's a mouthful. Yeah, I I said, you know what I say it all the time, But you know, and sometimes I'll miss I always keep the paper up. Where threaten on, you know, But And sometimes I do something I say always. It's always nearby. I, but it's kind of funny. You would think after repeating something a million times, they would have it. I think it's because, like if you say it one way a few times like it just gets in your head. And then the one time you try to change one word. It just throws you off because that was me all the time, like you'll read something one way. All the time, and then you change it once and it just throws you off. So, yeah, I get it. You gotta keep it right there. Just in case well, and people like consistency and they love good content, and we've got both today we do. I'm so excited about today's show. I am at the half. We've got Stephanie San F. She's a PhD and a senior research scientist at MIT's computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has written this incredible book called Toxic Legacy. How The Weedkiller Glyphosate is destroying our Health and the environment. I cannot wait to talk to her. She is an absolute rock star. She's got like five degrees from MIT. I think she might even be the smartest woman on the planet. I'm serious, but you know what? She's really down to Earth. I watched, uh, She's been on the show before back when she wrote another book back. I'm going to say five years ago, and I have that book right here. It's a Cindy America's obsession to solve today's health care crisis, autism, Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. She was on like I said a few years ago, and I'm so I'm so thankful to have her back. She's an absolute rock star. You guys are in for a treat. And and so stay tuned for the half. But right now I want to introduce another rock star. That's Dr Al Dannenberg or Dr Al, How you doing? Dr. L I am wonderful. Good. Good. You have a remarkable story. You just have a.

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