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So we're not a nation of the Delaware people from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and actually Manhattan Island. Were folded into other native tribes so early in the removal process. I mean, this happened almost before there was a central government. How does this affect them? Now on one of ST A major settlement. Blessed is in Anadarko Oklahoma, Um, those six effect tribes that are not officially recognized by The federal government like like peaceful. Tommy, you're talking. You're saying that in terms of a native citizen was on the scope Creek nation land and committed a crime that falls under the major crimes act, I think and again, I'm not a lawyer, but Don't Please don't think any legal committed. He tried, but I would say that it requires the federally recognized tribal citizen. Two for that kind of following her opposed to a state recognized trouble. Citizen. So if you can prove in some way that you are a member of one of the recognized central tribes, Travis that this little that this new Idea does not apply. Right. And that would just mean that your case was good before the state opposed to being hurt are being handled by the federal government. Daddy..

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