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Her yeah, that's a great way to get your kid out and moving and you don't get them some exercise. So I think Joanne that your call is probably going to inspire a lot of other people to consider that take their cat along with them traveling and in the car. It's a great way to make them a safe traveler. Keep up at it and let us know how that comes along. We will be anxiously waiting to hear how things are going there. Up in Alaska. Judy, she walks her caps all the time. I do. She does. My cat travels in the RV and just I open the door the RV and he walks from the house out on the sidewalk and walks right into the RV and gets up on the dash and he's ready to go. It's the weirdest thing to see. I'll tell you right now. Don't forget, you can get your fix of animal radio anytime you want with the animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Download it now. It's made possible by fear free, happy homes, helping your pets live their happiest, healthiest, fullest lives at home at the vet and everywhere in between. Visit them at fear free, happy homes dot com, and thanks for your free for underwriting animal radio. We have Alan on the phones. Hey, Allen, how are you doing? Doing good. What's going on in your world? My dog daisy my girlfriend saw daddy in my entire daisy. They have she has a personal thing. It's not a meaning. I couldn't quite hear that. I'm sorry. The dog has a P word. Meaning. Oh, okay. Yeah, she has her monthly cycle or her twice a year cycle, I should say. It's only twice a year. Really? I did not know that. Yeah, don't they get off easy, man? I don't know how that goes, Judy. Yeah, that's not fair. So your dog is having her heat cycle. And what about that? What's your question? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I mean, it's nature, and this is exactly what is meant to happen. As far as in preparation for pregnancy. Now, for dogs, if she's a pet and you're not intending to breed her, the best thing that I actually recommend is to get her spayed to have the surgical sterilization done so that not only so she doesn't have heat cycles because it's more than just the father, although I think many women would agree that the surgery would be well worth it. But as far as by having her spade, we're also protecting her against a lot of other reproductive diseases. And one of the biggest ones is a condition called pyometra. And it's an infection that happens in the uterus in the reproductive structures. And it's very serious. It can be totally prevented by spaying. So it would be a very good measure for your dog to prevent that type of thing, as well as all those cancers that can happen. In an intact female dog. And that can be done surgery can be done while she's in heat. Some folks opt to wait till they're out of their cycle. Just to minimize complications. But either which way, I think that will be the best way we can ensure you don't have to deal with this and that we can keep her in top health. So time to get her spayed, okay? Okay. Okay, there you go. Thanks, Alan for your call. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Talent cable, there they are. The crows. I'm about 7 or 8 crows that come to my house. They're terrorizing me, but they're too smart. I can't get them. I don't know how they know, but like they'll be 7 of them in my yard. They land on my roof, they do it crows do, you know? It's like they're mocking me. As soon as I leave my chair and go downstairs and I look out the window, they're gone. They're like so smart. I had no idea crows were so smart. Smarter than me anyway. I. This is Ginger. Ginger, my favorite spice. Are you the one that asked me about men? Yes, I need to know how to be one. Desperately. Oh, we lost her. 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