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It's like he's more special than he realized he didn't even know that no one else could do it. And they just go to sleep in a mouth, and you know, they can care. Xinxing pokanoka reference. And she's like, I don't know what that is. And then later on when they're in the square in. He gives girl little girl wearing a Pinocchio, sir. What gives her book which book? Yeah. That's the book. She had you know, which is. Okay. All right. This place is beautiful. You can't replace a blonde. She's like, yeah. You can't judge Lantis the whole thing. Yeah. When he shows are the coolest it was amazing thing is so crazy 'cause he looks exactly like he looks. Exactly like, yeah. Yeah. That's right. I also liked how they had him. He got the technology from from like Patrick Wilson, and the aqua people what are the Atlantic? Sorry. He got the Alanthea's technology, but he still made the suit into his own thing. Because it didn't look like that play interest. He's do some spray paint a superhero suit or super. I'm black just like. Because at first comics, you never knew what to look like. So it was a real that. He was a black. Do an uncle out, of course. But who is? Yeah. Who low key if ever hero show? Oh, Justice Justice, young Justice. I need James to the DC apps. I can use as long as you need Mehtab ice. They stop it. And I was like came back. Did it back? It's bad. But you have to have that fucking app. Okay. Well, I got like I watched that new season is apparently really good. Apparently is really really was so mad when it was when they were like I was like but enemy does that all the time. He got the water sorts come on baby. Komo with what he's bad now in young Justice or. All right. Well, I. Movie. It would be so also like the fact that black Manta was super strong and like the laser asked. Yeah. That was great. It was it was nice because you know, we did see him fight without the soup before. And as we said he did put up as best as he could. But suit. This is it's over now blocking fight all of that was great. And this this whole sequence drought talked about it. But was so cool and I loved how it kept moving back and forth. There was there was a moment. And I don't know if this is intentional. But there was a moment where it felt like I thought I heard a video game like level up sound. And then it was just as they started running. I was like that's exactly what this moment is like interesting because he was saying you guys really watch the series is so dope. So he's saying like when merit is running on the roof. She does like a quick turn come straight towards the camera. But because they were trying to do it. It wasn't a parking lot. But they were trying to do the run in real time. It was technically when she falls another person has to hop up run because no human can make that turn this is so don't like this detail and non type of action setup is so crazy. And then when it ends I do hate the part where the guy's head goes in the water. But when she has her carry moment with the wind, and she's like standing there realize there and. Just like that was epic like daggers. Cool. I guess it's fire. So and she like, and I loved also love the way that this started because it started with her being like three guys. Okay. Just taking down like two of them running amazing thought it was I don't know. I love the fact that the dude is like busing walls under at the whole setup was really cool. But in just in what was going to ask what the tire. The only made me say is that he tried to kill Manta again, man. I get it man to kill hill. But my man like threw something on his neck, bro. How did he survive that fault that do? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. To me for some reason. It was. Somebody that graphics. I remember watching Jurassic world in the random babysitter. Like, why is this death so aggressive? You know, what I mean, it was like no one else that in the movie like that and black Manta got messed up and seeing yo. Yeah. I feel like he got that messed up..

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