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That was awesome. Highlights for me was meeting roger. Burgis son michael ealy cool anyway. I really liked the railroads. Always have for sure hanley i. Apparently i share a birthday with michael. Brodie do you do. His birthday is also the united states. So mr brody happy. Belated birthday happy birthday. All right. all right brenda. Which one do you wanna hit on next. I am going to skip to my favorite topic. Okay filled awesome. I'm gonna skip to my favorite topic of all american foods at walt disney world and disneyland. Too i mean some of them. Right disneyland too. So let's see. What do i have on my list i have. I made a specialist. Because i'm a coney island person i used to love coney island's before i became allergic to tomatoes. Sirnak can't have them anymore. But at rosie's all american bear and hollywood studios the have those chili cheese dogs that i used to love those foot. Long ones oh. Maga bad and liberty tree tavern of course has traditional banks giving fair which is so good and casey's corner has hotdogs burgers and the corn dog nuggets over there and flame tree barbecue has great barbecue. Which.

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