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In the movie she says had killed himself he said because mom was trying to put people in me yeah yeah and he had like voices and she described him as being schizophrenic but that being a little bit of foreshadowing or sure and you don't know what's really going on yet and that line is very easy to let slip by until you know you realize that the deal later so toni collette as a as a profession is a miniature artist she makes these great little miniature set styrofoam as i guess you could call them yeah doll houses with perfectly sculpted little people doing very specific things and a lot of them are based on her life yeah there's like her mother in the hospital bed there's other things that happened throughout the movie that you see her end up making diorama versions of so it ends up being this nice motif motif also the first shot in the movie is a zoom in to one of her doll houses becomes shot yeah so the whole movie has this meta microcosmic vibe to it where you're like who's controlling who what is what you know whereas this taking place kind of almost you know i was in love with the house this movie built it from scratch no shed built it from scratch i was reading interview with with the director they they couldn't find one that is because they needed the dimensions for the cameras to be able to move as where so they actually built a fucking house for this move while it is very open how in just gorgeous said among these what are those white birch trees and then very importantly there's a little tree house yep right outside the house and from the beginning it just has this eerie tone the family it's not like i mean there's love in the family but it's not happy go lucky even from the beginning i'm you can tell their intentions there and those tensions reveal themselves through the movie at one point we learn man that once with toni collette when she says that she slept walked and almost burned her children alive yeah and the sun basically is like he never has forgotten that nor has the father yeah yeah like what she asleep did she not want them to be around but we come back to that one later too because there's again mackin nations within mackin nations in this movie so her daughter is is very i mean she's in a special ed class is that right yeah i i don't think she's meant to have a i'm not sure like she has a condition where the bones in her face don't form properly remember them but i don't believe it's any kind of down syndrome of any kind like that thinks she's just meant to be be a very inward kind of pensive or artistic not child right you know i don't think she meant to be seen as having any kind of developmental disability okay so she's in her class and you know from the very beginning bird flies in the window and she goes off and cuts the bird die she cuts the head off the bird and we realized that she makes these really kind of really interesting found art pieces so she's kind of inherited that artistic spark from from her mother and she has her little workshop that's up in the tree house little area yeah and inner son is sort of a typical disaffected stone her youth who is not doesn't have any time for his parents in the movie really throws you for a loop at the end of the first act when he goes to a party and the mom makes him take.

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