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Org. I mean that org. That's actor gene Dodds DOD. So what you gotta do for yourself read up and then discuss okay? All right known thing. I was somewhere. Funeral somebody breath steak service dog oh, donate lunge at the table. Painted toenails any days needs to know. And Dan, you have no idea you're over to one of these weeks. I'm going to try to open that can of worms because really touchy subject, very, touchy. And has thing is those non service dogs are really blowing it for the two true service dogs as a Ness. That's something legislature has to take a fortunately to make it. So that these people like you say that they are not two service dogs, and they're not trained correctly to be environments of all kinds you'll like I've heard horror stories on planes such like this. You know, the dogs people getting bit in that, you know. And did you have no idea Diane that my heart just bleeds as far as, you know, the people that truly truly have a true service dog then then the non good service dogs that have because you could go to those vests and stuff like that online and stuff like that. Yeah. And so what they do is they that if every comes down to paperwork that can't work because paperwork could be forged also. So that's why I've in discussion with subsidy trysts, and with some people of what where do we start to be able to weed these fake ones out and keep this service dogs? So that they are truly totally welcomed all times as so that's why it's really a tough one. Have you got any ideas guys e E mail them to me because at the more on board? And this would be great because it really is. It's it really frost my behind. I'll tell you. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So Email got ideas. Please Email them up at katie's canine. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you Bye-bye. You don't even we have no idea. I have gone over the edge where I'm in places. Whereas I know it's not a two service dogs always acting shirt. But most of them like why needed is like for most of are mostly support dogs, right? All in them service dogs. Oh, okay. Are true service dogs at our motion support us. But then there are people that are taking their pets getting the the fake vests and bring him out there. They're not trained or not under control, and it's just a bad name to the true service dogs, and it's just yeah. Show about it. I do but I got to get the right people because I don't wanna kick anybody off. But I, but I want everybody to open their minds, and I want the people that are faking these service dogs to the buck up. Say hello. Yeah. You know, that you step up to the plate for PD sakes. And then realize what these two service dogs go through to be service dogs. Yeah. And then what they are truly meant for it to be in the not every dog gets to be in the fitness field. A lot of there's a lot of that are weeded out because he cannot make it. And then the okay, okay. Okay. Give six six four one one seven one settled my feathers down. All right. Have you guys? Make sure you go your mom's. Hey, happy mother's day people that have to the two legged four legged whatever Destino even just a phone call or a stopover bring a beer say, hey, okay. Who's up next? Okay. We have Karen. And her dog has some joint and skin problem. Right. Karen? How you doing good? How are you? Good go. What kind of pepper? Do we have we have a German shepherd? He's older. He has some joint problem. Okay. How old he is eleven. Nice. Okay. Yeah. And he's actually doing pretty good. He's you know, he'll gone small walks and. During these from. But now we're starting to discover he has some skin issues, and I don't know if it's because he lays around more, but it's skins pink. And he doesn't get a ton. He does it's a little bit. And not getting some sword that we haven't seen before. And I don't know if it's due to because he lays around more, or if are they system as part me where are they? On his bags and under his arms, and what I've been doing. And that's why I'm calling as I've been cleaning them with apple cider vinegar. And it takes two looted with water. And it takes the redness away. Seems to be working. But I don't know is there other. What you gotta do. You gotta fix it from the inside out. Okay. That topical. That's okay. And also extroversion coconut oil works. Good is a good healer. You know, do the vinegar thing. And then do the extroversion coconut oil, but then you have to walk a little bit. So you give it time to absorb into a system where you don't worry place too. So he doesn't lick it off right away. Okay. For a couple of questions what food do you feed in? Well, he also has had Justice sensitive. Okay. Some issues the we feed him a prescription pan food the chickens do, but then I cooked him boy LD chicken that he gets every day. So it's a combination of. Oil chicken and the canned prescriptions mood. Okay. Well, we we gotta change that a little bit. There's a lot of the work that you can do here. We just turned around because what's happening. Now is that years of doing the same thing is that is the kind of, you know, come back every dogs are put on this earth to eat everything and anything, and then we bring them into her house. And then we feed them the exact same thing for too long. Then their system enzymes take a header has. So then what happens is they need provi any digestive. Enzymes have to coconut oil to take out the inflammation in the gut system. They need. They're the latest say, but some people cannot deal with it is called green tripe dot com. Green tripe TRIPS is basically called guts is what it is as so the thing is that when a dog has a real sensitive Comey. The sensitivity is coming from lack of enzymes to digest their food. And so they need the enzymes, and they need the probiotics take to build for your immune system. Right as so anyway. But yeah. Ok Tedi hold on. So he can come back and discuss this a little bit more. Yeah. Already then. Okay. What is it? It is a okay, what is the highest documented number of children. Born to one mother will be right back..

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