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Sorry you'll have to figure this out the hard way you hear anything about coins. Coins aren't really my thing officer. I am all about the Ju- with that. The Blue Marlin turn quickly and with a flash of her till she was gone knicks. They went to see Elsa. The deep sea anglerfish who had originally found the treasure deep. Sea anglerfish are normally found in the deeper sections of the ocean and have a glowing tip to their dorsal fin which is called an ESCA. That glowing light is used to pray towards them. The are the most conversational type of fish. What can you tell us about the day you found the treasure? It was dark and I swam. 's freight over the chest. The gold coins shown with the larger mind-blowing Ashta. Okay what happened after that? Did you notice anyone else around? Not really it's very dark outside my bubble of light. Oh wait. There was a big shadow much thinner than both of you but it was only there for a minute or two. Then it was gone. Did you see anyone else? Oh Not really anything you can tell us would really help solve this case. Please try and remember. Oh no I remember. I had a delicious flounder that day. It just swam right into my light. Elsa smiled at that memory. Her wide mouth with his needle like teeth splits interface from guilty Gill but life in Dwight left feeling very frustrated or the rest of the week. Dwight enlight fin looked under rocks and into submerged wrecks. The swam down every back alley of Atlantis. Joined to find out anything they could about. Who could have taken the treasure? Then after a long day back in the office when everyone else had left we really need to crack this case. Where else the captain will have our badges. Who Do you like for the Stone Fish? He had a motive and we know he was probably lurking around. Even if he didn't do it he knows something. Maybe what about this shark thing? Both Blue Marlin in Sydney said it could be a police shark. Come on you could be inside. The department seems unlikely. Yeah you're right although what if I mean could it be someone in the department? They would know their way around these things and it's a lot of treasure. What about someone high enough up? Who could make sure everyone kept quiet? Come on no one in. The police is going to do something like that. You're listening to the crooks too much. I say that we pull Sydney and again tomorrow and have another go at him. He knows something. Yeah maybe you're right. Let's see what tomorrow brings but you know I can't help thinking maybe there is something there night. Finn put the case file in his desk drawer and turn to swim out the doorway dwight not far behind as the brothers left the police headquarters. A large sheep moved out of some Kelp and headed back into the building. They had just left the next morning. Light Fish Swim into work but by the time he arrived at his desk he was surprised to find. Chief Raggi Tooth in Dwight waiting there for him van. Chief what can I do for you? We got a tip off about the case. Okay what did they say they said it someone inside the Department? Who was involved? Wow that's what we were talking about last night. Did they say who it was? Yes they said it. Was you open your desk drawer detective? Even though lifing was a cold blooded animals he could sense an alarm going off in his brain trying to tell him that something was wrong. Look chief there must be some sort of mistake. I didn't have anything to do with that. Theft just opened the drawer. Light van thin open the drawer. All of his teeth almost fell out of his mouth when he saw what was lying there. They're on top of the case. File were three gleaming gold coins. Who just a minute. That's not mine chief. I swear when we left last night those weren't there you can ask the white he saw me put the file away. Lengthened TURN TO FACED WHITE. But Dwight looked away. And dixie anything. He seemed to be stunned into silence. Dwight tell the captain. It's not true before light-fingered Dwight could say anything else. Captain Ready to spoke again. Bullets into me carefully. Like I don't know what you think this is. Obviously you think you can treat me like some sort of fool. Here's what is going to happen. You are going to pack up your stuff and get out of this station right now if you are lucky and the stays out of the news. Maybe I won't charge you with stealing the loot hold on chief. You know I wouldn't. Cheese face was turning bright red with anger. He moved closer until night. Thing could see the flakes of Tuna Seaweed Sushi from last night's dinner on his teeth. Oh in that was that life in had been kicked off the police force and no one had said a word he. Dwight had a massive argument after that were life and pushed his brother to keep looking into the case. But chief Raggi tooth had shut it all down and put the evidence into underwater storage light fin had never forgiven his brother for not doing more unto White. You are you listening to me. Sorry what life in became aware for the first time the DWAYNE and been talking. You need to get out of here. They'll becoming for you. Who what I think you're right someone in the shark. Pd is a crooked shark and now they've leaked to the TV news the fact you still the Treasurer. You're being framed and soon chief. Ragged tooth will have no choice but to arrest you. How many times have I told you? But I didn't steal anything. That's really not the point right now. Dwight turned on the old black and white. Tv in the corner of the room screen flickers.

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