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We're back we're back. I guess feel good. I feel great. You feel refreshed. Jake would you do in your break. Chief art nice long p. I drink about a third made a cup of coffee. Stick around for the end credits. You get the here. Jake pace man guys. I watched a documentary on. Hbo it's on hbo. I wash hbo. Max but it's a documentary. It's called fake famous documentary. It follows an actress fashion designer and real estate assistant who attempt to become social media influencers by purchasing fake followers botts to boost their popularity aunts directed by nick bilton. And yeah so. It's basically people wanting to become instagram. Social media influencers and make a fuck ton of money and Basically buy their way into doing this kind of like fake it till you make it. Who else got a chance to see. Famous are watch this. Yeah neil oh. Wow i thought neo might be the end of the cheever this time. Neil you win. Above and beyond mr the founder. So that's how i roll man roll. If people aren't listening to your podcast. Why the fuck should they be. Why i'm asking you should they. Why should they. Why should people be listening to smorgasbord when you guys put out an episode new because were good at talking about track if you like star trek there's plenty of content out there but we have a pretty unique perspective and yeah stevens a fun guy to talk to so i like to shut them down quite frequently on his bat shit insane you do a better job promoted.

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