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This comes from Adele anchors at IGN, a report from the information claims that discussions have already taken place over the prospect of a Fortnite film adaptation. Those talks have also reportedly formed part of a broader conversation at epic about the possibility of launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming as a way to diversify the studios brands. Epic is now seemingly in search of new ways to grow its library of game franchises as more and more gaming studios turned to filmmaking in a bid to boost revenues. The report notes that three former LucasFilm employees have joined Epic Games this year, including epic's new president of special projects, Jason McGowan. He previously served as the vice president of physical production at LucasFilm, I was executive producer of all the Star Wars films released by Disney. In recent years, Fortnite has doubled up as a virtual platform to host film screenings and musical performances with three Christopher Nolan films being screened for free at party royales big screen last year. Nolan also collaborated with Epic Games popular battle Royale shooter to debut the new tenant trailer on the platform and lead up to the films released. Laura, what do you think about this? I think this was always going to be coming. Fortnite has been such a big explosion of a brand so quickly that epics to the kind of company that wants to get more products going where they can. I think it makes sense for Fortnite more than it perhaps does for a lot of other video games that get ported to movies because like epic have done a fantastic job I will say in taking an online multiplayer shooter and giving it a plot that people cared about and through lines of narrative and have kept people narratively engaged with an online shooter in a way that I don't know any other company that has and I'm like, you've got a lot of people who care about the world building you've done and you're apparently very good at putting plot into things that typically don't. I can see them making that work. Yeah. It's interesting where I'm right there with you where this is an inevitability. Fortnite is one of the biggest brands on the planet. And I think that it speaks so loudly to younger kids, especially. And I think the idea of giving those young kids, more content to consume and more things to be obsessed with makes a lot of sense. Whether that's a movie or an animated series on Netflix or something. I think or both, you know? But this has always been a thing where there's differences between the video game IP that are turned into movies that seem like I feel like there's like three different categories. One category is filmmakers that know nothing about the games. They don't care. They're just like, we see an IP here and we feel like we can make some money. There's a story we can tell. There's that. Then there's the category of the people that are like, we genuinely care about the game and we really want this to work, but those are the ones that tend to not have the right budget, the right team, the right elements to make it all happen. And then there's this third one that's kind of just like, well, the IP itself doesn't necessarily lend to a movie, but if we just add a couple celebrity factors to this, it kind of sells itself. And I think that this reminds me more of the angry birds movie from a couple years ago, right? Yeah. Here's the thing. I don't doubt this will be stunt casted high heavens. It's gonna be entirely celebrity cast. I imagine it's probably gonna be a comedy. It's probably gonna be fairly low effort, but I think that at the very least, I think the epic knows they can convince people to turn out and see this because the number of people who when a new season of Fortnite starts will come into watch a narrative changeover between seasons, says that like there are people that are invested in seeing what they do narratively and they probably don't need to make too much of an effort to get people to go to the cinema for that. Yeah, and you know what's interesting too with being epic. I wonder, I mean, they've kind of proven that, especially with the Fortnite brand, they care, and they get it. They're constantly changing and adopting. I think the most interesting element of Fortnite to people like me is the kind of crossover events and getting other IP involved. I doubt that would be the direction that the movie goes, but there is this obsession in Hollywood of things like ready player one or space jam of just kind of like IP orgies. I'm the opposite to you. That's the thing I fear because I fear this just becoming cameos for cameo's sake that disrupt any chance of this having a coherent plot because like I think about the emoji movie, that was a film that two thirds of which was let's product placement jump between as many brands as we can, and it made that film unwatchable. I could see Fortnite going the same way. Like, oh, we've got to go have a little Rick and Morty time because we've got that character in the game. Oh, we've got to go over to this world now. And I could see I could see that coming badly. Yeah. I mean, what's interesting is as an outsider to Fortnite, I've said for years that I thought that there would be an animated show by now already. And so much of that is like, the fact that there's not a main character that I can think of for Fortnite, like just the one main avatar. There's certain things that are. I think it's a character called jonesy who I think she's meant to be the main generic blond man. Yeah, it's interesting that kids attach to that character though. Maybe they are. I don't know. I mean, he shows up in all of the narrative stuff between seasons. I don't know whether that means people are invested in them. I don't know enough about what kids think of Fortnite to know whether they actually care about that character or if they're just that I don't know play is as Thanos who I don't think being able to play as for a long time. Kevin, you are definitely the biggest Fortnite player that I know. What would you want from a Fortnite movie? Let me start there. What would you want and is there anything that would make you actually interested? There's 0% chance. I do not play Fortnite for the story aspect of it. It's the being it hang out with my buddies and, you know, just for the someone got pulled through a portal for somebody. Not at all. No. And in fact, I've missed I watched two event two of those big events, and then I missed the last one. And both times, I was like, this is like just disappointing and I'm no longer letting myself get excited for these events. So yeah, this is definitely.

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