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More than an hour and follow up questions and and forcing real answers the last three briefings i attended i timed just the qna not the introductory filibuster guests or anything but how much time was devoted to questions and answers and the last three were twelve minutes eleven minutes and eleven minutes that's not very productive we're talking with george khandan former president of the white house correspondent association and he covers the white house beat for national journal so take us back over the years from larry speaks who served in that capacity during the reagan ministration to josh earnest with the obama white house to where we are today well i mean the the briefings definitely evolved one one thing that they've stopped doing is is is leading the senior wire service reporter basically started an end it they don't even pretend that they're going to to take all the questions it used to be helen thomas when she was a senior wire correspondent would turn around and look to see if anybody was still had their hands up to ask a question before she would end it in in recent years it would always go forty five minutes or an hour before the wire service reporter would end it now a start with they schedule it so that goes up against an event then they use that as an excuse for why we've gotta ended after only eleven minutes and there's no pretense of trying to take questions or allow follow ups so it's it's it's not a it's not the golden age for the briefing this is going to be an inside baseball question but it might help our audience better understand the relationship between the white house press corps and this president because there is no longer than morning gaggle explain what that was and how that often help reporters earlier in the day and also helped even understand what was going to drive today.

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