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Biden Child tax credit, which Congress is debating whether to make permanent since the Biden Child tax credit payments started going out in July. Millions of households with kids have received monthly checks because the parents were telling what the difference the paychecks me, they said. We can see the difference in our Children but were able to do for them. This is House Democrats move forward on the build back, better plan to expand access to affordable childcare. The plan includes expanded child tax credits, investments in child care and universal. Pre K In Washington state. At least one county is now reporting it can't handle the crush of bodies at the morgue because of Covid and officials are now asking for help in southwest Washington. Cowlitz County is declaring an emergency. It's morgue is full. It's death rate is higher than the county has ever seen The surge coming from Covid deaths and alkaloids County Coroner Tim Davidson has the approval to bring in refrigerated trucks decided of time to declare The emergency with the commissioners and get other alternatives. Cold refrigeration storage moved here to the county is more can hold 10 bodies on Wednesday he had 18. He says his staff is working 24 7 to keep up with the bodies coming in, like stone. ABC News, a lockdown free Jewish New Year for Israelis. Who just last year had been confined to their homes under strict covid restrictions wearing masks is still mandated indoors and outdoors for groups over 100, But experts say they're bending the curve. When it comes to the delta variant in Israel. Health experts here in Israel continue to be optimistic. They're turning the page on the worst chapter of the Delta variant. New data here, showing the early decisions to administer the third booster shot.

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