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I'm calling because my mom is ninety one and up until recently she had DSL extreme for both her internet and also for her landline. She had a copper landline through them, they they no longer offer that service. No, no one else does either. And what I'm wondering it has been always our understanding that a copper landline is great for emergency. Because it's not gonna go out not for internet. But for phone calls. It will the internet will go out. Yeah. But for phone calls, and that's what I'm worried about company. Doesn't wanna have copper anymore? They cut the copper at the drop of a hat because it's expensive to maintain switches. And I agree with you. Especially for your ninety one year old mother, I told my mother this have a landline because and and by the way, not a powered phone, but accorded one of those old fashioned western electric corded phones because it'll still work. Right. So I'm at a loss because nobody even go there anymore. Do I do? Hold on a second. We have to take a break. And I'll answer I'll talk to you. It's more off the air. Yeah. You're kinda like if the phone company won't do it. Leo LaPorte the Teke. So who's is AT and T your phone company, who's your phone company? And e okay, I s actually kind of a misnomer because I I'm trying to get our internet. So that's different internet is different. T do they not have copper parody mar in there. They they will. But it's fantasy expensive. Yeah. That was the beauty of DSL extreme it was cheap. It wasn't the fastest. But for most people it was fine. Sure. For her problem is that DSL extreme has to ride on top of AT&_T's lines..

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