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The Atlanta Falcons will do so with a former Falcons quarterback. Now he is their longtime color analysts on the radio network for Atlanta. And that is David Archer. David Hope all is. Well. Thanks for doing this. When we look at the Falcons, they made a big offseason acquisition getting Todd Gurley We don't know where the health is of Todd Gurley. What do you expect at a Todd Gurley coming over from l. A to Atlanta for this upcoming season? Well, be honest with you. I think we're expecting a lot of early and mainly in the Red zone. If you look at Todd Gurley's numbers, even with with so called quote unquote down near Around 900 yards rushing, still had 12 touchdowns. All 12 of those touchdowns came in the red Zone, and I think that Atlanta if they could find a way to run the football down close Help three up the talented weapons that Ryan has on the perimeter. Now, listen, you have a little bit more of a potent attack a little bit more looking a little bit more like what? You looked like a 16 when Avante Freeman and Tevin Coleman. We're carrying the ball down there close and created that problem in the run game. Atlanta has not had that over the last couple of seasons. I think that's where they expect Todd Gurley to make his main hey is down there in the red Zone. With the way that you probably have to manage his reps as a running back the rest of the running back room. Is there something that jumps out to you? Yeah, I think it's a good group. Really Do I think that when you look at Brian, Ill in the way, Brian Gillis Kamani together that Hawkins drafted a couple of years ago, Brian Handsome solid moments a year ago. Quadri Allyson. Kid at Pittsburgh rookie from a year ago. Uh, kind of woke himself. A little bit of a roll is a short yardage guy. £225 Goal line Guy, four touchdowns. Hopefully, you know, Smith can come back. He was injured in the game a year ago. I believe against the Rams in which he was trying to pick up a Blitzer, which he shouldn't be here should be doing, but he is an outstanding receiver out of the backfield. And a good change of pace back at the back, So they get to three young guys that I think you could lean on. And like you said, Take some of that. Load off. Assad, Girl. Let's get to the next down. And when we do so, we take a look at Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The two big names in that organization. Do you still believe that this team could be a play off team once again with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones? I do, but it's you know, obviously, it's about you know your supporting cast and you do some things on the other side of the ball, and I'm sure there's a question you've got to worry about the defense's side the football, But there there's a little area in the offensive line. The left guard has been a little bit leaky, right guard's been a little bit leaky because of some injuries and things that they could shore up that into your part of the offensive line. Ryan's Like most classic quarterbacks climb in the pocket. They got to be able to give him that opportunity. Do so if you get into your pressure and accurate from problems, one game will help in that regard, but Yeah. Julio Jones, 16 seconds, 1300 yard seasons. Matt Ryan, nine consecutive 4000 yard seasons. I don't see the one those guys backing off. When you talk about that offensive line to follow up on that I'm a big fan of Matt Hennessy. Being a temple grad, really smart football player puts in a lot of work. Is he going to make an immediate impact in your number one? Yeah, There's always a question that he's certainly in the mix to be the starting guard. There's no question about that. I think that there's ah lot excitement around when he brings the table and and obviously the heir apparent, Alex Mack, probably its center. So Alex back in a little bit longer to still have a good football any But I need to put some guys around him that Khun taken, it could be in there and we had German Brown and James Carpenter guys that could not stay on the field. There was some solid moments from those two big veteran players, but they did not stay on the field and consistency. In the interior specialist that left guard spotted Kennedy ultimately will probably win that job and be the starter that guard let's get to the next down. All right, David Archer. When they flip the switch here and go to the other side of the ball defensively, it was an up and down year for the defense, but it seemed like they did finish in a better spot than what they did earlier on in the season. You could probably say that for the entire team with the Atlanta Falcons this division. Is loaded with offensive talent. You know what the Saints are. Now you have Tom Brady and the division with Tampa Bay, and I'll be curious to see what Teddy Bridgewater does with the Panthers. What's your read on the Falcons defense entering 2020 Well, it's an uncertain situation obviously went on God. Dante Fowler, Dad's pressure off the edge contact. McKinley realized what they thought they had when they drafted him a couple of years and the number one spot picked up Charles Haley, who, ironically, was in the same draft. And raided a route the same attack McKinley are Charles Harris. I'm sorry. Charles. Charles Charles Haley. Right way. I'd like to have the guy that was rushing the pastor there for both the Cowboys in the 40 Niners. That would be great, but Harris. He does have some raw talent there. Can't he realize that I'm the Falcon Tutelage will have to wait and see Grady dear. It's an emerging star in the tackle position and Marlon Davidson, Vienna and an interesting ad, a guy that has the versatility to play inside. Maybe in past situations and also play the perimeter as a 34 defensive didn't run down situations. The answer at all Burn second round draft pick of the fact that they think they've upgraded their defensive line. It'll have to be upgraded because you get extremely young secondary. Probably gonna have a rookie a corner starting your nickels, a second year guy in your other corners of third year, guys, So there's a lot of young players on the perimeter need to get some pass rush speed up the thought process for the quarterback. Let's get to the final down. Alright. I'm surprised that Dan Quinn is Bacca's the head football coach for the Lancer Falcons. What does he have to do this year to keep his job and Is that seats the warm because, like I said, I was surprised that they brought him back for this year. It is warm. I think that it's fortunate they brought him back because of the current situation with the pandemic and the uncertainties, so some continuity certainly has played into Atlanta Falcons off season. I think they've had a solid offseason, much as you can, with the limitations. They're attached to this year, So I think that it was good in retrospect that, uh, Mr Black decided to keep Dan Quint on, but I think he's got there. They've got a bit pushed for a playoff spot. I think they've got to be. They can't come out of the box one in seven. It's got to be a team. It's in the hunt of the entire way. As you said, it's going to be outstanding division with outstanding quarterback play, but they have to be in the hunt to be a part of the postseason play. If they do that. And I think the fans will be a little bit of stab on the wound for the fans. But if you get out to a slow start, it would not surprise me. If if Mr Blank made some kind of decision mid season on coach Boy and I think, coach when is the right guy for the job Now it's put up or shut up. He scored a touchdown will go for two here Oscar. One more question This team was 11 5 We all know the deal they were in the Super Bowl blew the 28 23 lead. The next year, they did go 10 and six, the last two years. It's seven and nine. If you had to identify the biggest reason why this team has regressed, and I know they've had some injuries to but overall if it's not the health of the team, what's the biggest thing that you look at? Why this team wasn't able to recreate that magic from 2016 and 2017? I think their inconsistency ball on both sides of the football in conversion, down situations and in the red zone. I think Atlanta's done a great job of moving the ball from 20 to 20 But when they get in the red zone, they bogged down and settle for too many threes. And I think in turn the defense's side of the football. What about 22 23 scoring defense coming up 25 points a game. They've got to find a way to get more stops in the red zone. That's probably the answer that you could probably get from all teams struggled and not made the playoff teams, but I certainly think That that's identifiable with the Falcons over the last couple years, the inability down deep in the red Zone both on offensive defense, Julio Jones, he's Ah Hall of Fame player. We all know that one of the better wide receivers in the league He's only had one year of double digit touchdowns, going back to 2012 when he had 10 TUC maybe 10 touchdowns in his fortunes this year. Well, I think he's certainly capable of it. But you got an outstanding receiver on the other side of Calvin Ridley, who's realized his abilities down in the red Zone Pretty close. I think Aidan hearse is going to be a seamless transition from Austin Hooper tight end spot So there are a lot of weapons from that Ryan to get the football too. Don't forget Todd Gurley and how good he is at the back catching the football as well. So I I would say no, I think he's going to be 89 touchdowns. I don't think he goes double digits, but I think there's a lot of guys around him. They're going to score touchdowns. Look for guys somewhere between 13 14 guys catch touchdown passes issue. Say that we appreciate it. Thanks so much. You be well, my

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