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Of scotch swilling speech about his parents auschwitz and i saw them being led into the gates and i couldn't do anything and i swore then that that's exposition and he could have done it that way so there's always an alternative when we see it right let's always remember to give people credit for doing it right absolutely another great reason examples a quietly so quite place has almost no spoken exposition because they cannot speak in so this matters figured out ways to visually show you the information my staging scenes that walk you through like what's happened at least as much as tell you about what's happened and why you have to be so careful there's one sequence in the movie that i find a little bit frustrating is not really a spoiler but a winner ian john he's little layer place some of the art direction was a little bit on the nose for me there in terms of like you know his whiteboard on the whiteboard like you know the three things he's noticed that are gonna become import later on yes the white board of doom this is the so this is the bulletin board or whiteboard where someone has laid out all the information they have typically they connect things with strings yes this frigging strings oh yeah and so you could just sit there and then then there's inevitably shot by the way i think that the scene is shot the same way every time so you get a close up of the person's face and then you have a clear picture in string in another picture another one and then there's a big wide reveal them standing year behind the person they're staring up at this massive board of interconnected and you can see all you can say the center of the web yes so i i want to give credit to buy it there's no strain those connections there the king no strings that's what really makes it all work you seal that moment in raiders talk through his raiders thought works i love it so early on raiders indiana jones is taken into a room at the university where he works and he's given a talking to buy a couple of guys from the cia and they essentially lay out all of the exposition for raiders of the lost ark they tell him that hitler is trying to find the lost ark they tell him why hitler is trying to the lost ark they tell him information that they have about where hitler isn't what he's doing and it's a lot there's a buried city of tennis there is an amulet there is what is the ark it self what is the arc while turns out the arc is this big cabinet that holds the original two tablets that moses got from god blah blah blah there's a ton of exposition here and why i think it works so well is that as these guys are talking indiana jones mind is racing ahead of them which is a very natural thing if you think about it when people describing stuff to you and they've come to you for a reason because you're good at the sort of thing in this case indiana jones is a professor of archeology and noted treasure hunter that you're going to try and you're not passively listening you're gonna try and intimidate and see where they're going and so there is an excitement as they talk where he's grabbing onto it there saying and then he needs is with the men his boss who runs the against the museum and the college there denholm elliott because now they both realize tennis okay they're on top of it they're getting excited that makes the exposition interesting the exposition in and of itself is just facts but watching people get excited by facts is exciting for us yeah so keeping the characters alive in the scene during the physician is winning most crucial things be construed anybody which is sometimes there's this natural conflicts of the exhibitions coming out of conflict in the back and forth between these people we're getting information out there in the case of raiders it's not direct conflict but we see our hero being engaged by it and change in the nature of the exposition as comes out that's crucial the same dialogue but without in these reactions to things without indies engagement would just be dead on that page yeah it would be very very boring so i want to single out a moment from aliens so aliens is my favorite move all times this scene comes quite early on aliens so the sequel ripley in the.

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