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Daniel Kurtzer. Even this hour as troops leave Afghanistan. What happens to prisoners at Guantanamo? When you ask what U. S troops leaving Afghanistan means forget it's really the fate of these forever detainees that we're talking about. And ahead of the euro soccer Final One comedian hopes his song about England bringing home the Cup finally comes true. It's a song about breaking through your sense of disappointment with the prayer, the all sports falls have at this time we are going to do it. First the news. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst. In Northern California Firefighters struggled to contain an exploding wildfire under blazing temperatures as another heat wave hits the West this weekend. The backward complex merger of two Lightning caused fires burned more than 55,000 acres, and his 8% contained evacuation orders are up in some areas. Jake Kagel with California Incident management says parts of the fire are inaccessible. We're talking anywhere from 50 to 100 FT Flame links. We cannot be putting our resources in there. However, we are working that actively with Fixed wing aircraft that's putting retardant out as well as helicopters that are using water bucket drops. Fire officials, though, say the air was so dry in some spots that some of the water dropped by aircraft evaporated before reaching the ground. The fire is rushing northeast from the Sierra Nevada Forest region after doubling in size in only a few days. California, California's northern mountain areas already have seen several large fires that have destroyed more than a dozen homes. At a G 20 gathering in Venice Finance chiefs forged a deal to block multinational companies from putting their profits in low tax havens. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli has more The tax deal would establish a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15% to prevent multinationals from basing their profits in countries with the lowest tax rates. It would also tax companies such as Amazon and Google, partially on the basis of where they sell their products, not on the location of their headquarters. The G 20 members make up 80% of world GDP, 75% of global trade and 60% of the world's population. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said. Some smaller countries are still opposed, including Ireland, Hungary, Kenya, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. But she added that the deal would include an enforcement mechanism that prevents holdouts from undermining the agreement. Sylvia Poggioli NPR news wrong The case of a Houston man who was arrested Friday for illegal voting is being held up as an example of racial bias in the Texas cash bail system. Texas Public Radio's David Martin Davies reports her service. Rogers was the last person to vote in Texas last Super Tuesday. Now he's making news for different reason. The Texas attorney general arrested Rogers on charges of illegal voting because he was on probation. He's being held on $100,000 Bond. Texas State representative Joe Moody in El Paso Democrats said. There's a problem with that bail. He didn't commit a crime of violence here. Unknowingly voted. There is bias in our system. There is a desperate racial impact, mostly for black men. The proposed bail reform bill will make it harder for suspects to be released without a cash bond. I'm David Martin Davies in San Antonio. This is NPR Live from KQED News. I'm Kate Wolf. Law enforcement officials in Oakland held a march at League Merit today to call for unity and support in reducing gun violence in the city. Oakland police report that 71 people were killed in homicides so far this year. According to a city report. There were 85 homicides in all of 2020 and 68 in 2018 OPD chief Laurent Armstrong. The fact of the matter is far too many people are afraid to come outside. Our seniors can't walk to the store. We got young people dying at an alarming rate. If you can't stand up for safe Oakland, what do you stand up for? On the other side of the lake, Supporters of the anti police terror project held a car caravan in support of the city's recent allocation of funding for mental health and violence prevention efforts. Assembly member Carol Fife says she believes the police she believed the police's so called anti violence rally was politically motivated after council members voted to give less money to law enforcement than was originally proposed. We do need accountability on how they're spending their funds. They've been fully funded. When all of these murders have happened. The families who are who are grieving their young people, the police were funded. They make six figures, and they don't provide services that the community so desperately needs..

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