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And by that, I mean, like we'll the owners kind of worry about owning and not worry about other things. We'll the manager, you know. Is he going to stay focused on the job at hand? You know is, is the coach going to, you know, in in how Phil Housley? It's still, how's it going to be a better coach this year. I never thought he did not have a lot of coaching experience, even the coach in a couple of places, but not really a head coach for any length anywhere, you know. So can he learn better from the stakes last year, Jack geiko? Can he be healthy but you know, certainly with when you have an Eichel and you have a Rosman Darlene, you have to you to pieces. I mean, we use a Stanley Cup champions over the years to have a number one center number one, and most of the time almost in every case Donnie. When you go through the history of this league, you have enough on center number one defense minister elite players, and they have two guys potentially. That can be really elite players in this league. So there will be interesting to watch. We'll see how car Hutton does it net. It looks like Linus ullmark to somebody they liked behind him. They're probably grooming him to come in behind Hutton. We'll see if the rest of the defense can kind of stay in place and he'd better this. Year, but they'll be an interesting team to watch for sure. And of course the so the only change you would have playoff wise, Florida replaces New Jersey. So we could have pretty much the same playoffs as we did last year. So the question is who's more apt to really take a run at Washington and Tampa throw them in the mix as well. And when there was when there was conversation that they were gonna get Carlson, I I started thinking about when Golden State got Durant in the NBA. I mean, you're talking about almost a super team here. So I, I still look at Tampa as the even the Washington won the Stanley Cup EJ am I still crazy to kind of look at Tampa's the team to beat in the east. I don't think you're crazy. I think a lot of teams look at the Tampa Bay. A lot of people look into the Tampa Bay Lightning really impressive. Why wouldn't you be? I mean, they've got those. They've got the pieces in place. I mean, they've they've got a really a bunch of really high end forwards up front led by Naqui to kucherov. I'll be very curious to see where Steven stamkos is at the season. He had a good regular season, but it really fell off in the playoffs. And I think he was dinged up. I was being that being at a devils lightning game late in the season, not in the playoffs, but late in the regular season, and I was sitting right behind the bench. So I had really a good idea that was going on, and he came back to the bench a couple of times and he was just really, you could see struggling and it showed in his play. And so I'll be curious to see what he does this year. That's an important piece. Obviously the Tampa Bay Lightning but hasn't been leaves the way on defense mcdonagh's their first full season fully integrated, circuit, Chevy, getting better Basle. That's great and goal. I'd still like to think they'd have. They could get a better number two. I'm not a big Louie Demane fan of the guy that would want you wanna plan thirty thirty games if need be or or. Vassilis he gets hurt, but I think that's an area of I..

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