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This morning or maybe in fifteen minutes right? So. Don't do that. People don't eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's half-baked ice cream at night. Yeah Dude. Like what did you think that you should eat a whole life? They honestly it says that you should eat I think there's like how many servings are one of those? Three or four? Yeah, yeah, why don't you just have a little bit? Why did you have to have the whole thing because that involves having some kind of? Control over myself when it comes to those things, and that just doesn't exist in my brain unfortunately. My goodness? I, I love ice cream as much as the next person Laura I, isn't it that kind of his fault like if stomach? Oh, she's not here, so. We'll get to Laura later, but my thing is this Bergman, if you? If you expose yourself to that much ice cream like that's your own damn fault if you've got the poops today. Yeah No, it's completely my fault. And I knew that throughout the entire night I was sitting there going like I was like twelve o'clock at night and I was still awake because I couldn't fall asleep this thing that was so stupid. Why did I do this to myself? And then, when I woke up at three o'clock in the morning, saying the exact same thing, and just continued on and it still continuing now I'm not GonNa, do it again until. Next year. Dude she got to be. On this, you've never done this George. Oh no I mean not since I was like in high school, no college, but as an adult I, don't the whole pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream or whatever you eight. So good! It's just so good though George like you're you're you're in the middle of IT and a guy? No forsaking adult have some willpower. You know what I'm saying. It has cookie dough. Brownie bits. It's the chocolate and Vanilla I bought. I bought A. They bought a haagen-dazs version of that here. Cookie dough whatever ice cream and I had. I don't know. A couple of like not even like us not even like a whole scoop. I just had like half a little scoop, and that's fine like it's like you gotTa. Have Self Control Man. Self.

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