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I got no money but what do you want to do fill out the forms and all the way to go cars honking behind me i'm like look man what's the great scam that i developed at the westchester mall you get a fucking parking ticket and then you gotta pay on your way out if you put it i have i had a wallet with a magnet and like demagnetize it so the car just didn't work and so i would pull up to the to the dude every time and just go i just started rubbing it on my fucking i can't believe making sure it didn't work like you don't get commission off this let me go cares open the fucking she just ask like you should be like i have this ticket you let me i've been here for a long time it's probably be like fifteen bucks can you can i just go for i'll be like yeah no not man has anybody ever gone to the mall for more than zero to three hours that chart goes on and on like fifteen hours michael the fuck is at the mall it's crazy couple more voicemails we'll wrap it up sweat afc by super producer be the junior high school starting my college process right now it's i have no idea what i'm going to do and i figured you know since this year i started listening to you guys at the very beginning of the school year and you guys have been my goto during schoolwork and everything after it'd be funny i've based my college process around recommendations that you guys give me so wondering since you guys have been around the block you know done some tours and whatnot do you have any recommendations for schools i should apply to i agreed example of this is i literally am now applying to in visiting fsu because of a blog that you guys did on it so if you're wondering if this will actually matter i promise you that i will take us into deep account.

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