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Here's great Matt see, according to Big 10 protocols. Wisconsin Badgers redshirt freshman quarterback grand Murders will be required to sit out 21 days following a second positive covert 19 test. CBS first to report the news earlier today, third string quarterback case Wolf also being kept away from the team after a positive rapid test. Results of his PC artists remain unknown. But junior Danny Vanden boom is taking first team reps at Paul Christs practice. The worst news What was me attitude and We're grateful as a group to be playing and we know there's gonna be sacrifices involved. You know if we want to play my threat, Badgers are scheduled to travel to Lincoln to play Nebraska Saturday afternoon, No practice in Green Bay, but the Packers are bringing in a veteran wide receiver Seth Roberts, according to ESPN. Roberts released by the Carolina Panthers earlier today. The plan, according to the report, is to join the practice squad for the season. Robert says four catches for 31 yards In a related story. The NFL's trade deadline is a week from today. It's possible the Packers could find additional receiver help. But Davante Adams isn't sure it's even necessary. We worked at another guy. I mean, he just happy everybody else I mean, you'd be great. I'm all for making the room. That's great. We can, but we definitely have the tools and you know we're winning some big games. And Wade had a lot of successes over the past two seasons. Working with what we got Adam's against of Willy in town earlier today on 94 5, ESPN here the entire interview online at Wisconsin on demand dot com and the baseball season could end tonight in Arlington. Game six of the World Series between the Dodgers and raise Dodgers manager Dave Roberts will give the ball to right hander Tony Gonsouland have our hands full. Um, but I like our guy and I think it seemed close game And you know, the team that gets the big hit makes a big place in Game seven, if necessary, will be played Wednesday night. Good. Siri's. I'll be checking that out. 3 17 AT W. T. M. J. I'm gonna ask Wayne Larrabee about what Davante Adams just said about the receiver room. The voice of the Packers joins us up next. I could care less. What party says about.

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