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Loses it and the nurses losing hanging. Everyone loses it so hard so hard like we are like. This is the funniest because it was the darkest things and then the following by the most beautiful moment. And then my dad just innocently. Yes Mexican Mexican. Oh Oh my God and Has Season Finale season finale series that is the king of the answer. Serve the hardest. I've I real real insane moment. Where you like the darkest? Yeah it was a purse. You even set up the purrs the whole The Space Shuttle Endeavor was landing in Los Angeles and my dad worked in one meeting be an astronaut and it was like circling around Long Beach. Where the the hospital was and doctors were like in nurses? We're going to the window to see the endeavour come home to Los Angeles. My Dad had no recollection of it. Like like what and then all the way to him calling me that like the emotions and I think they've gone to such a dark place. I it is just like plume. Who is this what Yeah Mexico and obviously the third yeah and that is a doozy that is a doozy and that you laughed? We laughed and you know what I mean. It could have been a sad one but it was like this is what's happening coming. And it is absurd. Yeah and it was beautiful. Yeah and then the nurse like how long has your dad had this my five years and she very sweetly was like it gets funnier like it was really It gets funnier and it does it gets added but it gets funny like it was it was is a very beautiful moment. Also ask trying not to cry not too impressive to impress my dad. I'm macho to not how I would not anything. That is too good. Yeah that was good. I feel like that's one of of those restaurants where they serve you like a freeze dried ball and it tastes like Thanksgiving Turkey. The cranberry sauce family to run the ball. That is incredible. Yeah well listen to scattered. Yeah listen to stand up you have two records just one record. Oh I'm sorry to one. It's called laughing and crying at the same time. Forgive me. I thought he had like a short record along any of a lot of youtube staff and also just go see you were. Yeah we can follow you at At twitter underscore Chris Garcia and on instagram at Red Tuna. I love it do you want some. CBD Yeah sure. Do you want some for for your dog or do you want some you can both do. You have a dog No I well. You'RE NOT GONNA get this joke. I haven't.

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