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And Montgomery county has seen its businesses pack up and leave after struggling for years. Now there's an effort to inject new life into friendship heights A lot of people that come in will tell us we didn't know you're here and that's why Chelsea Sexton with a management group that runs junction bistro bar and bakery in friendship heights says the creation of an urban district is welcome. You know, it's just all about getting people here. Montgomery county council member Andrew friedson says the area has seen a lot of businesses go, but there's lots of potential for businesses like the junction, friendship heights, he says. It's a good place, but it could be a lot better. And this is a mechanism to help us get there. The Montgomery county council approved the plan to work hand in hand with D.C.'s business improvement district, Kate Brian. WTO news. It turns out that you will be able to take a ride through Georgetown on the historic C and O canal this spring after all. Tourists and locals alike take a canal boat tour for the first time in over a decade last year, but tours closed up shop in October. They didn't expect to be back until 2025. But due to adjustments in renovations for several of the locks on the canal, it will be filled with water and the boat aptly named the Georgetown heritage will once again cruise down the CNO's first mile. The boat is a recreation of packet boats that were used during the canal's early years, but has modern amenities like a toilet for that hour long ride. Now, tours will take off four times a day, Wednesday through Sunday. I'll start may 5th. Luke Luger WTO penis. You may not notice this if you quickly drive past it, but

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