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Well you know what tell you if you've got to budget stories cause i know there are a lot of pockets that have to be filled and places that that money has to bulk so you know those keep your budget small you can fly from all taught with ryan their who almost plays you to get on the play and you fly into double and and now i'm if you've got a little time spend the nighter to have some fun a double and go to the abby theater that i get injured there's you to people all over the place and make it easier for you know you know if if you need those introductions of a very happy but then you fly they're lingers is now flying from double in the hartford connecticut bradley international airport that's an hour and fifteen minutes from berkshire county were were based or you can avoid the boston which is two hours or you can fight to new york city or the into jeff kent the five jeff to credit for give me all you people _a_j of okay but of all the airports of the area you are the most difficult and for a thousand and one reasons of he'll have the most competitive players they're generally because there is has competition no like airports easier to work with and then certainly probably just stop of a jump up the road at wherever you lambs we will come infection okay and thank you to me people and berkshire county because there's a followed they met pet and that's father arthur pead was the academy award winning director me directed body and clyde getting any directed the miracle worker what academy awards.

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